How To: Run a Promo Contest

Whatever your objective—whether it’s to introduce a new product, collect contacts, drive social media engagement, create media buzz or draw foot (and online) traffic to your business—a promotional contest can be a great tool. From kindergarten up, everybody loves getting a gold star. So creating a friendly competition can be a great way to promote […]

How To: Know Your Company’s Worth

Some of the most profitable small-business owners have no idea what their company is worth. That’s the experience of Michelle Seiler-Tucker, author of Sell Your Business For More Than It's Worth and owner of Better Business Brokers in New Orleans. “It always surprises me to ask clients, ‘How much do you think your business is […]

The Anywhere Office

Home-based staffs slash the overhead of real estate for businesses. Workers benefit, too, el

How To Find Your Story

Each of us has an unlimited amount of great story material locked in our memories. Kindra Hall, author of Finding Your Story, offers these focused strategies for uncovering valuable stories for use in your presentations, conversations and marketing. Your answers to the questions at the end of each tip will help determine whether or not […]

Hiring Help for SEO

If you decide to hire an outside SEO marketing firm, it’s buyer beware. The Better Busine

How To: Run a Family Business

Running a business can be challenging. Families can be challenging. But when they work right, family-run businesses can be incredibly successful—both personally and financially—says Michael Mazzarino, founding partner in The SCA Group, a business consultancy in Boca Raton, Fla. The key is to set rules to keep personal issues aside. “It’s always a matter of […]