Meet the SUCCESS Team

Staff Amy Somerville 2

Amy Somerville

Chief Executive Officer

Content & Media

Staff Kerrie Lee Brown 2023

Kerrie Lee Brown

Staff Lauren Kerrigan 2023

Lauren Kerrigan

Creative Director
Staff Tess Lopez 2023

Tess Lopez

Digital Managing Editor
Staff Virginia Le 2023

Virginia Le

Senior Production Manager
Staff Michael Garrett 2023

Michael Garrett

Web Developer
Staff Cheryl Hwang 2023

Cheryl Hwang

Podcast Network Coordinator
Staff Brook Bibeault 2023

Brooke Bibeault

SUCCESS Speaker Advisor

Marketing & Business Development

Staff Cecilia Meis 2023

Cecilia Meis

Vice President of Marketing and Business Development
Staff Kelley Bahata

Kelley Bahata

Digital Marketing Manager
Staff Hugh Murphy 2023

Hugh Murphy

Product Development & Marketing Manager
Staff Paris Kypke 2023

Paris Kypke

Digital Marketing Coordinator
Staff Katelin Walling

Katelin Walling

Paid Media Managing Editor


Staff Josh Gettman 2023

Josh Gettman

Vice President of Operations
Staff Romaine Brown Palmer 2023

Romaine Brown-Palmer

Administrative Operations Manager
Staff Sarah Klionsky

Sarah Klionsky

Accounting Supervisor
Staff Shawana Crayton

Shawana Crayton

Business Admin & Customer Support Specialist
Chris Paul

Chris Paul

IT Administrator