Brian Hamilton teaching class of prisoners wanting to be entrepreneurs to reduce recidivism rates
The US Has the Highest Recidivism Rates In the World—Here’s Why
The U.S. has the highest recidivism rates in the world. Learn more about recidivism statistics and the leading causes behind this problem.


Team Epiphany: The Pioneers of Influencer Marketing and the Philosophies That Scored Them Work with Global Brands

Coltrane Curtis and Lisa Chu of Team Epiphany explain why you should prioritize relationships and trust over follower count. Learn more.
group of happy young social media influencers exemplifying team epiphany

How Humor and Honesty Have Helped Here We Flo Break Into a Crowded Marketplace

Feminine hygiene company Here We Flow leveraged humor and honesty while building their business—and successfully broke into a crowded market.
Here We Flo founders

There Still Aren’t Enough Women In Engineering. Here’s What Needs to Change

Engineering is still male-dominated, but that could soon change. Learn how some programs are changing the narrative for women in engineering.
Women in engineering inspects industrial products

10 Aspirational Entrepreneurs to Keep an Eye on in 2024

Meet the noteworthy creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs charting their own paths and inspiring younger generations along the way.
Laura Vogel aspiring entrepreneur

The Secret to Better Ideas and Better Leadership? Asking Incisive Questions

Learn why asking questions makes a good leader with this excerpt from David Novak’s book, How Leaders Learn.
David Novak

Uncommon James CEO Kristin Cavallari Reveals the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Her Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Kristin Cavallari, the founder & CEO of lifestyle brand Uncommon James, embraces entrepreneurship with grace and grit. Read our interview.
Kristin Cavallari Uncommon James

The Role of Allyship in DEI: Engaging Traditionally Non-marginalized Groups

DEI allyship and inclusive practices in workplaces and schools enhance understanding and collaboration. Here are 5 strategies to implement.
A multicultural group of women showing the benefits of DEI allyship in the workplace

The 3-Sentence Email Guaranteed to Get a Response

You have one chance to make a connection, and this chance lasts about 10 seconds.
The 3-Sentence Email Guaranteed to Get a Response

Master the 3 Stages of Buying to Win Your Ideal Client 

As a salesperson, your dream clients have limited time (and sometimes, patience) for salespeople, so it’s your mission to create value for them during each sales interaction.
Master the 3 Stages of Buying to Win Your Ideal Client