Friends celebrating Jenny.Community's business shower

Business Showers: An Entrepreneurial Spin on a Time-Honored Tradition

By Desiree Gutierrez / May 26, 2023 /

Business showers take the shape of a baby or bridal shower, but steer away from the domestic and into the professional.

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Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy, with his dog

Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy, on Living in the Moment and What Motivates Him

By Brian Kelly / May 26, 2023 /

Brian Kelly, aka The Points Guy, shares what motivates him, why and how he lives in the moment and the biggest risk he ever took.

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man using exercise equipment at home because of wellness perk at work

Rethinking Work Perks: 5 Things Employees Want More Than ‘Fun’ At Work

By Iona Brannon / May 24, 2023 /

Traditional benefits may not be enough to attract and keep employees anymore. Here are five perks that serve employees better at work.

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Manager talking to employee to prevent toxic work environment

How to Recognize and Prevent Toxic Work Environments

By Gloria St. Martin-Lowry / May 23, 2023 /

Here’s how to recognize if you’re in a toxic work environment and what managers can do to improve company culture.

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