Emma Hernan, from Netflix's Selling Sunset

‘Selling Sunset’ Star Emma Hernan on Following Your Passion and Finding Balance

By Em Cassel / June 5, 2023 /

In season four of Netflix’s “Selling Sunset,” Emma Hernan has established herself as a fan favorite. Here’s how she got to where she is today.

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Maya Penn, founder and CEO of Maya's Ideas

How Maya Penn Became One of the Most Socially Conscious Entrepreneurs of Gen Z

By Nahla Davies / June 5, 2023 /

Maya Penn is one of the most socially conscious entrepreneurs of Gen Z. Here’s how she got started with Maya’s Ideas and what’s next for her.

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employee talking to boss about problems at work

The Right Way to Share Problems at Work With Your Boss 

By Alex Frost / June 2, 2023 /

If you’re facing problems at work, the only way to fix them is to talk about them. Here’s how to have a tough conversation with your boss.

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happy couple living and working abroad

Au Revoir U.S.: How to Make the Most of Working Abroad

By Jill McDonnell / June 1, 2023 /

One family shares their story of the pros and cons of working abroad, as well as advice for how to broach the subject with your employers.

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