Brian Hamilton teaching class of prisoners wanting to be entrepreneurs to reduce recidivism rates
The US Has the Highest Recidivism Rates In the World—Here’s Why
The U.S. has the highest recidivism rates in the world. Learn more about recidivism statistics and the leading causes behind this problem.


The Trailblazer’s Toolkit: 7 Best Tech Tool for Innovators

We’ve curated a roundup of the 7 best tech tools for trailblazers and innovators to manage their business and life.
man looking at business plan on a table

Antonio Sustiel, Miami’s Flooring King, Shares His Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs

Antonio Sustiel came to the U.S. in his 20s with $400 and a firm belief in the power of hard work. Learn how he became Miami’s Flooring King.
Portrait of Antonio Sustiel

9 Steps to Start a Business as an Ex-Convict Entrepreneur

The barrier for entry may be higher, but starting a business as an ex-convict is absolutely possible. Learn more.
Brian Hamilton teaching people how to start a business as an ex-convict

Orion Brown, Creator of BlackTravelBox®, Is Changing Self-Care for Travelers of Color

Orion Brown’s brand BlackTravelBox®—a line of hair and skin care products for people of color—helps people feel seen while seeing the world.
Orion Brown founder of the BlackTravelBox standing in front of a squid mural

Do You Have Main Character Syndrome? Here’s How to Tell—And Why You Should Avoid It

Main character syndrome can hurt your role as a leader. Here’s how to shake that mindset and help your team thrive, according to experts.
Woman taking with main character syndrome taking a selfie in front of the office

Stuck In Back-to-Back Virtual Meetings? Here’s How to Avoid Zoom Fatigue

Struggling with back-to-back virtual meetings? Read for our top Zoom fatigue remedies and how to make meetings more engaging.
Young Black woman bored in front of her computer struggling with Zoom fatigue and looking for Zoom fatigue remedies

3 Life and Business Lessons From Adventure Racing

What can one learn about business outside the office? Evidently a lot: This writer gleaned unexpected business lessons from adventure racing.
Cyclists riding on a dirt path learning life and business lessons from adventure racing

Get Loud: Creating Space for Open Dialogue Can Ready Your Team for Innovation and Positive Change

Kevin Bronc and Trevor Ladd of BTS explain how getting change-ready by cultivating a culture of being loud can benefit your business.
diverse group of staff being loud at work

Team Epiphany: The Pioneers of Influencer Marketing and the Philosophies That Scored Them Work with Global Brands

Coltrane Curtis and Lisa Chu of Team Epiphany explain why you should prioritize relationships and trust over follower count. Learn more.
group of happy young social media influencers exemplifying team epiphany