Joanne Pike, DrPH, president and CEO of Alzheimer’s Association on stage explaining what they do

The Alzheimer’s Association Is Committed to Quality Support and Life-Changing Research for People with Dementia

By Jaclyn Greenberg / December 1, 2023 /

The Alzheimer’s Association funds global Alzheimer’s and dementia research. Learn more about what they do.

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Katie Blomquist founder of the Going Places nonprofit helping a young girl learn to ride a bike

Katie Blomquist’s Nonprofit, Going Places, Ensures Kids Living Below the Poverty Line Can Go the Distance

By Jaclyn Greenberg / November 30, 2023 /

Going Places, a nonprofit founded by Katie Blomquist, gives bikes to students living under the poverty line—and changes their lives forever.

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Coworkers hugging after receiving 50 dollar gift ideas

12 Gift Ideas Under $50 For Everyone On Your List

By Kate Daugherty / November 29, 2023 /

Looking for holiday presents that won’t break the bank? Then check out our 12 best $50 gift ideas for coworkers, friends and family.

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Excited woman covering her eyes and opening her Enneagram gift.

The Enneagram Gift Guide: Personalized Christmas Gifts for Every Enneagram Type

By Iona Brannon / November 29, 2023 /

From the perfectionist’s desire for order to the enthusiast’s quest for excitement, find the perfect present for your loved ones based on their Enneagram.

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