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Woman on her computer outside learning how to use chatgpt
How to Use ChatGPT: Working With Generative AI
Looking for tips on how to use ChatGPT? Then we’ve got you covered with our complete explainer on how you can make ChatGPT work for you.


The 10 Best U.S. Cities for Working Remotely

A whopping one-third of Americans began working from home this year because of COVID-19. These are the best places for working virtually, plus there’s a silver lining for the extroverts...

Thinking About Becoming a Digital Nomad? Here’s What You Need to Know

A Road Warrior’s Guide to the Growing Work-From-Anywhere Movement

Could You Work in a Virtual Reality?

As more workers continue to telecommute due to the pandemic, VirBELA seeks to build sustainable virtual cultures.

How Hattie Hill Is Helping Provide More Kids Access to STEAM Jobs

As the President and CEO of the T.D. Jakes Foundation, Hattie Hill’s goal is ‘to empower youth from all backgrounds to see their possibilities and dream of a better tomorrow...

How Jonathan Kirkland Embraces Innovation

Who? Jonathan Kirkland, Head of Marketing and Brand at BLK Where? Dallas, Texas What? Launched in 2017, BLK is the No. 1 dating app for Black singles. Under Kirkland’s leadership,...

Tech Tools: For Your Office, to Go

Logitech K480 Keyboard  (logitech.com) Now you can respond to a text message, set a calendar alert and write an email on three separate devices—all from the same full-size keyboard. Logitech’s...
Tech Tools: For Your Office, to Go

Tech Tools: 6 Must-Haves from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Panasonic Lumix DMC-CM1 (Panasonic.com) Smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras are morphing into each other more and more every day. Case in point, Panasonic’s new Lumix DMC-CM1 phone comes with a high-end...
Tech Tools: 6 Must-Haves from the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show

Tech Tools: Liebovitz, Schmiebovitz

Ricoh Theta (Theta360.com) For pure, candy-coated novelty, reach for the Ricoh Theta. This still and video camera comes with two back-to-back fisheye lenses—one on each side. Both lenses captures 180...
Tech Tools: Liebovitz, Schmiebovitz

Tech Tools: The Coolest Phones and Phone Doodads

Celluon Epic (Celluon.com) Years ago, pop culture predicted that the 21st century would be full of holograms and lasers. While we’ve mostly given up on holograms, we can still mesmerize...
Tech Tools: The Coolest Phones and Phone Doodads