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Woman on her computer outside learning how to use chatgpt
How to Use ChatGPT: Working With Generative AI
Looking for tips on how to use ChatGPT? Then we’ve got you covered with our complete explainer on how you can make ChatGPT work for you.


Forget About the Career Ladder—Focus on the Career Lattice Instead

Discover why career lattices are better than traditional ladders. Embrace flexible paths and skill diversification for modern career growth.
Indian businesswoman talking on cellphone, writing notes on colorful sticky papers in office in career lattice

Work and Wanderlust: Digital Nomad Statistics in 2024

For many people, being tethered to a desk is a thing of the past. Here’s a look at digital nomad statistics in 2024.
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The Benefits and Risks of Hiring Digital Nomads

Leadership consultant Nick Jankel offers advice for employers debating whether they should be hiring remote workers. Find out more.
Business owner contemplates hiring remote workers

Why Digital Nomads Are Choosing Co-living

Remote work options and the gig economy have created an increase in digital nomads, people who have location-independent work. Social media tends to paint the life of a digital nomad...
group of friends having coffee in a co-living space

Space Agent: Scientist Ariel Ekblaw Is Pioneering Projects Designed to Help Us Thrive in Space

Ariel Ekblaw leads space innovation at Aurelia Institute, advancing tech like artificial retinas and floating buildings to benefit Earth.
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The Importance and Status of Paid Paternity Leave in the US

Paternity leave in the U.S. continues to face outdated stigmas. Learn more about the status of paid paternity leave and why it’s important to offer.
African-American man holding his baby

5 Ways to Get More Comfortable Using AI for Work

As AI becomes more prevalent, companies expect workers to feel confident and comfortable using AI. Here’s 5 ways to get there.
business women getting comfortable using AI

Unlimited PTO: Is It Too Much of a Good Thing?

Employees and managers share the dilemma of an unlimited PTO policy and discuss what it means for the future of work.
A diverse group of workers contemplating the dilemma of unlimited pto

Could Play at Work Be the Secret to Creativity and Employee Happiness?

More than two in three CEOs think employees who play at work are more creative in the office. Learn more about the importance of office playtime.
office staff members play at work