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Boss talking to his employees on their level because he understands the difference between hustle culture vs quiet quitting

Hustle Culture vs. Quiet Quitting: How Bosses Can Walk the Line

By Alex Frost / February 20, 2024 /

Is it possible to keep both employees and customers happy? Here’s how to navigate that fine line between hustle culture vs. quiet quitting.

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Woman on her computer outside learning how to use chatgpt

How to Use ChatGPT: Working With Generative AI

By Bryan Lindenberger / February 13, 2024 /

Looking for tips on how to use ChatGPT? Then we’ve got you covered with our complete explainer on how you can make ChatGPT work for you.

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Woman using a ChatGPT alternative on her laptop

Top 5 ChatGPT Alternatives: When to Use Them and Why

By Bryan Lindenberger / February 6, 2024 /

Looking for ChatGPT alternatives? Then we’ve got you covered with the 5 best alternatives to ChatGPT (including free options) and why you’ll want to use them.

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Shivvy Jervis predicts the most in demand tech jobs of 2024

Top Tech Jobs of 2024 and the Skills You Need To Land Them, According to Futurist Shivvy Jervis

By Megan Eileen McDonough / January 26, 2024 /

Want to supercharge your success? An innovation forecaster reveals the most in demand tech jobs—and the skills you need to get them.

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