Personal Development

Jamie Kern Lima

For Jamie Kern Lima, Unlocking Success Starts with Embracing Self-Worth

By Kerrie Lee Brown / February 27, 2024 /

Motivational speaker, author and businesswoman Jamie Kern Lima shares how building her self-worth gave her the freedom to pursue her dreams.

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businesswoman smiling in her store of pottery because she's learning the difference between hard skills vs soft skills

Hard Skills vs. Soft Skills: What’s the Difference and Which Do I Need to Build?

By Bryan Lindenberger / February 15, 2024 /

Looking for more info on hard skills vs soft skills? We’ve got you covered in our full explainer on the difference between the two and which you need to build.

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Amy Somerville

The Importance of Patience in Personal and Professional Growth

By Amy Somerville / February 14, 2024 /

The importance of patience is often overlooked when it comes to personal and professional development, but it’s critically important. Learn more in our latest.

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Woman learning how to make a vision board

How to Make a Vision Board to Kick-Start Your Goal Setting

By Paige Lyman / February 9, 2024 /

Visualization can help provide motivation and drive for achieving your goals, and a good vision board can help you get started.

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