Woman practicing gratitude affirmations on her living room floor with her cat

Gratitude Affirmations: Why They Work and 25 Affirmations to Try

By Bryan Lindenberger / February 23, 2024 /

Looking for gratitude affirmations to help you step back and remember how far you’ve come? Try one of these 25 affirmations for gratitude.

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Volunteer putting a jacket on an elderly woman in need learning how volunteering helps mental health

Volunteering Can Combat Loneliness and Boost Your Mental Health—Just Consider These 5 Things Before You Start

By Lisa Rabasca-Roepe / February 17, 2024 /

Did you know volunteering helps mental health? Read our full explainer to learn how, plus five things to consider before donating your time.

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Singer songwriter Jewel standing in front of her guitars

Never Broken: How Singer-Songwriter Jewel Became a Mental Health Advocate

By Stefanie Ellis / February 13, 2024 /

Singer-songwriter Jewel is using her voice to break down barriers in the mental space. Learn more in our latest cover story.

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Coworkers meditating together on the floor before a meeting exemplifying companies that support mental health

When It Come to Employee Mental Health, These 10 Companies Are Setting the Example

By Alex Frost / February 5, 2024 /

From the workplace environment to the community at large, here are 10 companies that support mental health awareness for their employees.

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