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Young professional couple show how to stay healthy while traveling
3 Ways to Maintain Your Fitness Routine and Stay Healthy While Traveling
Experts weigh in on how travelers and digital nomads can maintain their fitness routines and stay healthy while traveling.


Invisible Losses: The Impact of Unacknowledged Grief

Author and grief counselor Christina Rasmussen discusses invisible loss and the unacknowledged grief that sits behind it. Learn more.
Young women stares out of a rainy window contemplating unacknowledged grief

Are Social Wellness Clubs Reshaping Health?

Discover how social wellness clubs are redefining well-being. Learn more with Dr. Jonathan Leary of Remedy Place and more.
young man receiving massage at a social wellness club

Digital Device Overload: How to Prevent Screen Fatigue 

Don't let eyestrain impact your well-being as a remote worker. Learn tips and simple strategies to prevent screen fatigue in the digital age.
Black teenager feeling screen fatigue, rubbing irritated eyes, sitting at desk with laptop

How to Support a Grieving Friend, Family Member or Coworker

Knowing how to support a grieving friend, family member or coworker can be difficult. Experts chime in on the best forms of support during hard times.
Woman hugging a sad man

Sleep Retreats Are the Newest Travel Trend. Here’s What You Need to Know—And Where to Go 

Sleep retreats around the world can improve your sleep quality and personal wellness. Learn more about the newest travel trend.
woman laying in bed with white sheets with black sleeping mask over eyes

The Habits and Nighttime Routines of 5 Successful People

Discover the nighttime routines of successful people, like Michelle Obama and David Goggins, that you can adopt in your own life.
Michelle Obama's habits exemplify the routines of successful people

Friendship Anxiety: What It Is and How to Manage It

Do you feel like your friends hate you or think poorly of you? You might be experiencing friendship anxiety. Keep reading to learn more about friendship anxiety and how to...
Shy man with friendship anxiety

When It Come to Employee Mental Health, These 10 Companies Are Setting the Example

From the workplace environment to the community at large, here are 10 companies that support mental health awareness for their employees.
Coworkers meditating together on the floor before a meeting exemplifying companies that support mental health

Wondering How to Become a Morning Person? Try These 8 Techniques

Being a morning person may come naturally to some, but anyone can become a morning person with a few techniques. Read more to find out how.
Photograph of a woman with long brown hair from behind sitting on her bed in her pajamas stretching her arms in front of a bright window to demonstrate she is a morning person