man working bare minimum monday from home

What Is ‘Bare Minimum Monday’ and Will It Work for You?

By Alex Frost / March 19, 2023 /

Learn about Bare Minimum Mondays—the movement to reduce work stress at the beginning of the week—and see if it will work for you.

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Caring for Your Brain and Body with Jacqui Brassey

Caring for Your Brain and Body with Jacqui Brassey

By Tristan Ahumada / March 17, 2023 /

Jacqui Brassey shares her morning routines and evening wind-downs and discusses how employers can help encourage and achieve deliberate calm in the workplace. 

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man avoiding work-from-home loneliness by working at a cafe

9 Pro Tips for Avoiding Loneliness When You Work From Home

By Jamie Friedlander / March 16, 2023 /

If you work from home full-time, you may experience feelings of loneliness. Here’s how to combat loneliness from people who’ve been there.

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woman opening a subscription box for self-care

7 Self-Care Subscription Boxes That Can Help You Manage Stress

By Nia Springer-Norris / March 15, 2023 /

These self-care subscription boxes will send you ideas and items to help you manage stress each month, from journaling and crafting to yoga.

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