woman being supportive to partner through career change

How to Be a Supportive Partner During a Career Change

By Jill McDonnell / February 16, 2023 /

If your partner is unhappy in their career, it might be time for a change. Follow these 3 tips to support your partner in a career change.

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two guys connecting with each other

Too Busy for Relationships? 5 Easy Ideas for Connecting with Others

By Valorie Burton / February 14, 2023 /

In our high-tech, fast-paced culture, many people are too wired to connect authentically in relationships. The consequences can affect your potential for true happiness, personal growth and life satisfaction.

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Happy couple in a healthy relationship

3 Essentials of Happy and Healthy Relationships

By Chris Widener / February 14, 2023 /

Does it feel like your relationship is in a rut? These tree things, when done over time, will help you create a healthy, happy relationship.

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Bethenny Frankel shares her best advice

Bethenny Frankel Wants to Give You Love & Career Advice

By Shelby Skrhak / February 13, 2023 /

We caught up with Bethenny Frankel to get her best advice on careers, success, love, and relationships. This is what she had to say.

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