Emma Johnson

Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson is an award-winning business journalist, and founder of the world's largest community of single moms, WealthySingleMommy.com. She is also host of the podcast Like a Mother, a popular public speaker, and author of The Kickass Single Mom: Be Financially Independent, Discover Your Sexiest Self, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children (Penguin, Oct. 2017).

How To: Make Your Business Socially Responsible

By Emma Johnson | November 16, 2015

Follow these 5 tips to create an effective social responsbility mission for your company.

How To: Change Yourself in Positive Ways

By Emma Johnson | October 19, 2015

Change is hard. Really hard. You know because you have a bad habit or 20 that you’ve tried to quit: smoking, overeating, saying negative things to your spouse, exceeding your budget. Research shows that people, in general, experience extreme difficulty changing a single habit. Consider: Seventy percent of borrowers who take out home equity loans…


How To: Change Your Relationship With Money

By Emma Johnson | September 14, 2015

Only in the past few years have I realized what financial freedom truly means to me: enough money to pay for my basic needs (including fun), plus enough in the bank to float my family in case of an emergency, and savings for the future. More important, it means I am in control of my money—where…

How To: Resolve Conflicts at Work

By Emma Johnson | August 12, 2015

Nasty emails flying back and forth. Death stares in the break room. Steely tension in meetings. Side-taking. Tattle-taling. Sabotaging. This is the stuff of employee conflicts. “Every day—from piddling office bickering to full-out wars—disagreements between colleagues happen,” says Hank Boyer, president of consulting firm Boyer Management Group. While interpersonal disagreements may be normal, they’re also…

How To: Become a Crowdfunding Success Story

By Emma Johnson | July 22, 2015

While news outlets love to headline with rock-star crowdfunding successes—like Pebble Time watch, which raised a record $1 million in 49 minutes (and more than $20 million at presstime), and the Coolest Cooler, which has brought in more than $13 million—there are untold failures, too. Consider the statistics from the granddaddy of crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter.…

How To: Break Up with Your Business Partner

By Emma Johnson | June 26, 2015

Breaking up is never easy. Whether in romance or business, parting ways is nearly always a little messy, even when both parties agree it’s for the best. When your company and livelihood are at stake, how do you keep the process fair, with minimal drama, and preserve the  friendship? The first step is to acknowledge…

How To: Ask Friends and Family to Help Finance Your Business

By Emma Johnson | May 27, 2015

Before borrowing money from a friend, it’s best to decide which you need most. With bank loans tough to get and credit-card debt unattractive, this American proverb can ring true with many entrepreneurs in need of startup financing. But asking friends and family for a loan or investment can actually be a great way to…

How To: Partner with a Rival for a Win-Win

By Emma Johnson | April 15, 2015

Collaboration is one thing, but collaborating with your competition? “Instead of just going head-to-head as foaming-at-the-mouth competitors, think of ways you can partner,” says Josh Linkner, four-time tech entrepreneur, New York Times best-selling author and keynote speaker. “There are countless opportunities to partner with people or businesses you previously considered your competition.” Linkner runs a…


How To: Leave Behind Your Day Job & Go Solo

By Emma Johnson | March 25, 2015

One of the toughest decisions budding entrepreneurs face is when to set out on their own, full time. Leaving behind the reliable paycheck and benefits of your day job and dedicating all your energy to growing a business is a decision that requires planning, hustle, soul-searching and financial savvy. But experts don’t agree on a magic formula…

How To: Attract Top Talent

By Emma Johnson | February 17, 2015

Hiring top talent is arguably the most important thing you can do to grow your organization, and it’s a leading concern of many small-business owners. According to a survey by human-resource service provider ADP, the hiring managers at small and midsize businesses ranked locating and hiring qualified employees as one of their top worries. “There is a…