Top of Mind: 6 Ways to Make Others Feel Appreciated

Top of Mind: How Do You Show Value to Others?I listen. I show value to others by giving them trust, respect and autonomy to drive their own projects and assume responsibility for their roles.

Deanne Bell, Founder/CEO of Future Engineers and CNBC Television Host


Top of Mind: How Do You Show Value to Others?Positive affirmations. Saying thank you and giving praises is important. That way, others understand you appreciate their hard work. Little presents are a nice gesture, too!

Cydney Morris, co-founder, Stone Cold Fox

Top of Mind: How Do You Show Value to Others?I am a big advocate of taking the time to listen to my employees with interest and intent. I think it’s important to give them my undivided attention when listening to their ideas, as well as my productive feedback once I’ve heard them. Open communication is key. I have found employees perform much better when they are heard, feel appreciated and are acknowledged for contributing and coming up with new ideas.

Gillian Rose Kern, co-founder, For Love & Lemons

Top of Mind: How Do You Show Value to Others?I protect my time fiercely, so when I do end up booking a meeting with someone or speaking with people at an event, I give everything away. There is no “secret sauce” I defer to when people ask me questions. I’ll answer their questions and challenge them the same way I would a high-dollar client. The value I give away always comes back around eventually.

Sara Rose Harcus, COO, Hüify

Top of Mind: How Do You Show Value to Others?I show value through communication. I’ve noticed in business and in my personal life that being available, clear, positive and down-to-earth when communicating sets me apart. I can directly convey appreciation and gratitude, or demonstrate it using aspects like tone, humor or simply being available, no matter how busy I might be.

Aaron Haynes, principal, Rise Digital

Top of Mind: How Do You Show Value to Others?It’s oddly simple, but being helpful has to be one of the most effective ways to deliver value. Whether it’s delivering unmatched partnerships to clients, or making introductions that lead to meaningful opportunities, anyone can create more value by being a connector.

Heather Whaling, founder, CEO, Geben Communication

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This article originally appeared in the December 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.




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