Simpli.fy with Productivity Apps

IFTTT (Free)
Teach your iPhone to automate regular tasks by answering a series of if-this-then-that questions: If I take a photo on Instagram, for example, then I want to automatically save it to Dropbox. The app lets you create powerful connections with that one simple statement.

Clear ($4.99)
What’s more pleasing than crossing something off your to-do list? This Apple essential relies on simple aesthetics and satisfying responsiveness to help you at the grocery store or around the house or when checking in on clients. All you have to do is pull down to create and swipe to complete. Like the app description states, “Life is messy. Keep it together with Clear.”

MindNode ($9.99)
“The quintessential mind-mapping experience,” MindNode is an Apple program that streamlines the creative process, making it easy to brainstorm your ideas graphically and draw connections, then share them by Dropbox or on the cloud. By laying out tasks and notes visually, the app allows you to concentrate on coming up with and linking your project ideas—no matter the complexity. Organize your mindmap with features like hiding and showing nodes, rearranging nodes, search and automatic reorganizing functions and categorizing tasks with different colors, fonts and stroke widths. More creativity. Less effort.


Josh Ellis is the former editor in chief for SUCCESS magazine. Before joining SUCCESS in 2012, he was an accomplished digital and print sportswriter, working for the Dallas Cowboys Star magazine, the team’s gameday program, and Originally from Longview, Texas, he began writing for his hometown newspaper at 16.

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