Personal Best – Lou Ferrigno

DETERMINATION “As long as you are determined that you will reach your goal eventually, you’ve got it made.”

BALANCING work with personal life: Ferrigno has three adult children, and he and his wife, Carla, make it a point to have family gatherings twice a week whenever possible. “Don’t ever overlook the role family plays in the grand scheme of success,” he says.

BEING TRUE to yourself: “If you’re concerned about satisfying someone other than yourself, then you’ll never be truly satisfi ed because nobody is going to care as much about your well-being as you do.”

COMPETITION “Don’t compete with other people; compete with yourself.”

PHYSICAL FITNESS “Health is wealth. Be thankful you have your health.”

ADVICE on self-improvement: “My theme is overcoming your fears and maximizing your personal power.”

ON BEING TAUNTED as a child: “Nobody picks on me anymore. I tell that to kids when I’m speaking.”

 From Lou Ferrigno’s Guide to Personal Power, Bodybuilding and Fitness (Contemporary Books, 1996).


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