Nerds on Location: Dallas Comic Con feat. Stan Lee

by Ashley Glenn
SUCCESS Marketing Manager
(However, in honor of Stan Lee, he’s adopted a new pen name: Ash Lee)

Nerds on the Scene Sam Watson and Ashley Glenn

Since SUCCESS magazine featured Stan Lee in the June 2011 issue, SUCCESS web designer Sam Watson and I somehow convinced the bosses that we should be there to meet him. To our surprise (proof that it never hurts to ask), they approved in exchange for a blog, so here we go.

We were there to “cover” the event, but let’s be honest, it was a free trip to Comic Con to get in touch with our inner nerd and fulfill a childhood dream of meeting the godfather of comics, Stan “The Man” Lee. If that weren’t enough justification, we figured if the world ended on Saturday as predicted and the zombie apocalypse finally came, then we were in good company. What better place to be than with thousands of nerds who all had the zombie survival guide memorized. (See The Zombie Survival Guide chapter 6, “Living in an Undead World.”) If they couldn’t help us, then perhaps the cast from AMC’s The Walking Dead could.

Comic Con Attendee Chris Albright discussing the Stan Lee article with SUCCESS employee Ashley Glenn

With stacks of SUCCESS magazine in hand, we hit the dealer room to speak with Comic Con attendees about the Stan Lee article in SUCCESS. A few fellow attendees we talked to, Paul Watson and Chris Albright, enjoyed the article and images of Stan Lee, including some of the memorable characters he has brought to life. Others admittedly seemed confused by the lack of comic illustration in SUCCESS magazine.

We also met with up-and-coming artist and creator of Zombie Chuck, Brian Fyffe. We shared the Stan Lee article with him and picked up a copy of his first issue of Zombie Chuck. Incidentally, the Kansas City native wanted recommendations for the best Texas BBQ. We were happy to recommend one of our local favorites, Old House BBQ (for you locals: located off Interstate 35 and FM 407 in Denton County).

Ashley Glenn and Sam Watson meeting Brian Fyffe, creator of Zombie Chuck

We finally headed upstairs for our (paid) photo op with Stan Lee. Winding through the organized chaos and hordes of people, we finally found the correct line to see “The Man.” It may sound cliché, but you could feel the excitement building in the room as we got closer and closer to one of our childhood heroes. I can honestly say that I will never forget that moment.  Stan was extremely nice and pretty spry for an 88-year-old guy. It was such an honor to meet the man who created so many of the characters I grew up reading. I was in the presence of greatness for a few moments and the experience was well worth the wait.  Thanks for the memories you’ve created Stan.  Our trip to Dallas Comic Con was, well, a “Success.” To all you true believers out there…Excelsior!

Ashley Glenn with Stan Lee

Sam Watson with Stan Lee

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