Joseph McClendon: Get Happy Now

Consider this: There are some 43 muscles in the human face, most of which are controlled by the seventh cranial nerve (also known as the facial nerve). This nerve exits the cerebral cortex and emerges from your skull just in front of your ears. With each expression comes a chain reaction of moving parts that produce chemicals that cause us to feel a certain way.

Stimulate your nervous system!

In my book Get Happy Now: Get Happy in 10 Minutes, Feel Happy in 10 Days, Be Happy for Life, I talk about how difficult it seems to make yourself happy. Most people believe happiness is some elusive goal that’s impossible to reach. It’s not. It’s just an emotion.

But if your mind is filled with negative emotion and thought, it’s pretty hard to see anything that resembles happiness or joy. How do you change that?

You could spend hours on your therapist’s couch, digging up all the negative emotions in your life to make a breakthrough to a positive one. I know this personally. I had a successful practice in Los Angeles, near Hollywood, where I had more business than I had time. But it didn’t take a thousand steps to produce major change for my patients. I adopted a system that could help people in just five steps.

The 5-Step Process to Human Change, I explain in the book, includes:

  1. Destination: Know where to go
  2. Hesitation: Find what causes your procrastination
  3. Obliteration: Remove bad habits to make room for good habits
  4. Creation: Imagine what good emotions feel like
  5. Automation: Install those emotions by habit and repetition

Change doesn’t have to be painful. Happiness isn’t an illusion. It’s just an emotion that everyone’s capable of.

Joseph McClendon III is a best-selling author, leadership coach and holds a doctorate in neuropsychology. Get Happy Now by Joseph McClendon goes on sale May 21 through SUCCESS Books.



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