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Margie Warrell

Margie Warrell
Find Your Courage, Stop Playing Safe, Train the Brave and Make Your Mark — Margie’s four best-selling books speak to her passion for emboldening people to take braver actions and make their biggest mark in work, leadership and life. A sought after keynote speaker and media commentator, Margie Warrell draws on her diverse international background in business, psychology and coaching. Host of the Live Brave podcast, Margie has worked with global leaders such as Richard Branson and sits on the advisory board of Forbes Business School. An intrepid Aussie with a special passion for empowering women change makers, she’s also the mother of four brave hearted children. More on Margie at

The Importance of Self Forgiveness

The Importance of Self-Forgiveness

By Margie Warrell | February 6, 2019

Give yourself permission to not have it all together, all the time. What do you need to forgive yourself for?

Is the Fear of Failure Holding You Back? The Solution Is Learning to Fail Better

By Margie Warrell | January 21, 2019

Margie Warrell believes that failure is inevitable, but we have to be careful to not make failure mean something that it doesn’t mean.

How Practicing Gratitude at All Times Changes Everything

By Margie Warrell | November 21, 2018

Unleashing the power of gratitude takes no more than recognizing that life itself is a gift, and that every day is shaped by the mindset you bring to it.

Mindfulness: Are You Paying Attention?

By Margie Warrell | October 25, 2018

Notice what you’re noticing.

Afraid of Public Speaking? 7 Tips to Do It Well

By Margie Warrell | October 23, 2018

First thing’s first: Stop making it about you.

Mental Illness: Let’s Extend Compassion and Remove the Stigma

By Margie Warrell | June 12, 2018

There are many ways we can help to destigmatize mental illness and make it easier for people not to self-stigmatize themselves.

Choose Growth Over Comfort—Your Success Depends on It

By Margie Warrell | June 1, 2018

Why you need to get comfortable feeling uncomfortable

yourwordsarepowerful (1)

Your Words Are Powerful: 8 Positive Speaking Habits to Build Yourself Up

By Margie Warrell | May 18, 2018

Have you ever heard yourself saying: “This situation (or person) is just impossible.” “I’m a total failure at…” or “I’m hopeless at…” “I’ll never be able to figure this out.” “I’ll try, but…” “It’s just such a nightmare.” If you answered “yes” to any of those, then it’s likely you’ve unconsciously been sabotaging your success…

7 Brave Steps to Become Fearless

7 Brave Steps to Become Fearless

By Margie Warrell | April 20, 2018

It’s by acting as though you are fearless that you start to actually fear less.

A Message to Women: You’ve Got This!

By Margie Warrell | March 8, 2018

“What would you tell your younger self?” It’s a question I’ve reflected on many times and have asked many women. A common thread weaves through most of the answers: Believe in yourself. You can do more than you think. Don’t let others define your worth. Take the chance! Do what you want. Dare to be…