Future of Work

Gen Zers Are Embracing Boutique Shopping—Here's Why

Amid Convenience Culture, Gen Zers Embrace Boutique Shopping—Here’s Why

By Desiree Gutierrez / December 10, 2022 /

Generation Z isn’t sticking strictly to digitized shopping. Instead, the digital natives are embracing intimate, personalized multiformat shopping that speaks to their individuality.

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Why (and How) to Help Your Team Self-Manage in the Future of Work

Why (and How) to Help Your Team Self-Manage in the Future of Work

By Timm Urschinger / December 8, 2022 /

By cultivating self-management in the workplace, you can better prepare for the future of work and use your abilities to prompt individual growth.

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cecilia meis on what empowerment is

Finding a Voice in the Future of Work

By Cecilia Meis / December 6, 2022 /

There’s space for everyone in the future of work, and that feels like anything but harmful.

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Pamela Zapata

Society 18 Founder Pamela Zapata on Supporting Influencers of Color and Knowing Your Worth

By Em Cassel / November 29, 2022 /

We sat down with Zapata to talk about setting out on your own, supporting creators of all kinds, and the beauty of standing up for yourself.

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