Future of Work

parent holding child while working remotely

How Parents Feel About Remote and Hybrid Work Being Here to Stay

By Alex Frost / April 5, 2023 /

This is how parents really feel about remote and hybrid work and what they’ve learned in the last few years to ensure it’s successful for all.

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young neurodiverse employee wearing headphones as a workplace accommodation

How Employers Can Better Serve Neurodiverse Employees in 2023

By Alex Frost / April 4, 2023 /

Leaders and managers have a unique opportunity to make the workplace accommodating to all employees, including those who are neurodivergent.

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man thinking about using chatgpt to create a resume

ChatGPT Will Write Your Resume in Minutes, but Should You Use It?

By Alex Frost / April 3, 2023 /

You can use ChatGPT to create cover letters, resumes and even entire applications—but should you? HR leaders weigh in.

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man interviewing for a job

Paying Candidates for Interviews: What Should Be Covered and Why?

By Alex Frost / March 13, 2023 /

A look at why more companies should consider paying candidates for interviews—and what expenses companies should be expected to cover.

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