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Will Your Office Give In to the March Madness Hoopla?

By SUCCESS Staff | March 9, 2015

As the NCAA Division I men’s basketball tournament approaches, watercooler banter centers on several questions: Who’s running the office bracket? Can I watch the games at work? Do I look feverish? Maybe I need to take a few sick days. Whether March Madness activities boost morale or diminish productivity at work is up for debate.…

Top of Mind: How Do You Wake Up Your Creative Side?

By SUCCESS Staff | March 3, 2015

Creativity for me comes from everything. Reading a consumer report detailing the best vacuum to buy can lead me to new social media ideas (don’t ask me how that works). Most people set aside quiet time to focus and be innovative, but for me, it comes when it comes. You have to always be open…

Top of Mind: 8 Mistakes Young Professionals Make

By SUCCESS Staff | February 13, 2015

Early in my career, I really lacked perspective. I made the mistake of thinking I was a big fish and learned quickly that it’s in proportion to the size of the pond, and there is always a bigger pond. Some people think they are happy where they are, but that is only because they don’t know…

Our Runners-Up for 2014 SUCCESS Achiever of the Year

By SUCCESS Staff | February 9, 2015

A Model Citizen:  Christy Turlington Burns She has one of the most photographed faces in the world, and Christy Turlington Burns is using that fame to help some of the globe’s most underprivileged women. After Burns delivered her first child, she suffered a terrifying hemorrhage. Luckily she had access to first-rate medical care and was…

John C. Maxwell: 5 Ways to Help People Finish What They Start

By SUCCESS Staff | February 5, 2015

In his new book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions (Center Street/Hachette Book Group), SUCCESS columnist John C. Maxwell discusses ways to help people complete tasks. Maxwell points out that these people don’t know the joy of finishing, their self-esteem erodes because they prove inadequate, they sabotage their own success, and they lose the trust and…

Top of Mind: How Do You Stay Productive?

By SUCCESS Staff | February 2, 2015

A healthy mind/body balance is imperative for entrepreneurial success. Poor dietary habits can contribute to a lack of focus. I also get up at random intervals throughout the day and take a stroll around the block. Sunlight stimulates serotonin [to help maintain mood balance], so just stepping outside can make a world of difference. —Ben Kusin,…

Phenomenal Feedback

5 Strategies for Giving Phenomenal Feedback

By SUCCESS Staff | January 21, 2015

Alex Lickerman, M.D., author of The Undefeated Mind: On the Science of Constructing an Indestructible Self, explains how to make feedback count. 1. Know your own biases. Are you more interested in being liked than in giving honest feedback? Feedback should always serve the person receiving it. 2. Have the person rate himself. By listing their…

“A Very Particular Set of Skills” Puts Liam Neeson on February Cover of SUCCESS

By SUCCESS Staff | January 19, 2015

DALLAS—  Box-office heavyweight Liam Neeson—a former amateur boxer who has taken his share of haymakers in both his family and professional life, but always fought back—opens up to SUCCESS magazine about how he has managed heartaches and setbacks while still striving to be his best. Modeling the steely demeanor that is his trademark on camera…

Top of Mind: What Do You Want to Achieve This Year?

By SUCCESS Staff | January 19, 2015

A goal we had as a company was to capture the No. 1 position online in screen protection with the launch of the iPhone 6. This was truly a team effort, and we really hit the product launch with all cylinders. We planned months in advance, and it touched all areas of our business, from…

Networking for a Lifetime

Boost Your Networking Skills with These 7 Tips

By SUCCESS Staff | January 15, 2015

Great networking means creating relationships that will last your entire career. To that end, networking expert James Nelson of Massey Knakal Realty Services in New York has a few suggestions: 1. Get to know two to three people well at industry events instead of merely fattening your stack of business cards by talking to everybody.…