10 Ways to Move You One Step Closer to Success

UPDATED: August 24, 2021
PUBLISHED: May 28, 2021

Fail Forward

Our instinct is to bury past failures in the back of our minds. But that misses an opportunity to grow. Here’s a journal prompt: What did you learn from your last big flop?

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Claim a Domain

You’re bound to have a good idea just begging for a green light. Sometimes all it needs is momentum. Purchase a URL, then imagine the next dominoes that must fall.

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Throw the Heater

Your 30-second elevator pitch about your business or hustle is akin to a baseball pitcher’s fastball. It’s the most important tool in your arsenal. Take time every day, even a minute, to practice it.

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Exercise Patience

Tony Robbins often says that people can accomplish less in a year and more in a decade than they imagine. Create a long-term plan (financial or otherwise), but focus on daily growth.

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Get Frugal

Take half a day on the weekend and break down your budget. Are there places where you are leaking money, in which a focus on quality products or services would leave to long-run savings?

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Take Stock

Make sure you’re keeping tabs on whether your goals are actually being served by entrepreneurship. Decide on a few key metrics of your interest level and monitor them.

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Listen Up

The first key to connecting with people is to listen to them. When you truly understand where they’re coming from, you can drive value. Make this habit an intention in every meeting this week.

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Get the Worm

The simplest path to waking up early (and enjoying the benefits of unstructured “you time”) is to adjust your Circadian Rhythm. Want to wake up two hours earlier. Go to bed two hours earlier. Force yourself to stick to this bedtime.

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Plan a Trip

The lingering pandemic is probably hampering your jet-setting lifestyle, but you can still plan in advance. Research shows that anticipation of upcoming time off is enough to boost the mood.

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Fall in Love

Your customer service spirit will no doubt be boosted if your ramp up your gratitude for your clients or customers. If you haven’t already begun weekly gratitude journaling, start right away.

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This article originally appeared in the May/June 2021 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
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