Your May Action Plan: 10 Ways to Restore Yourself

UPDATED: May 24, 2024
PUBLISHED: May 1, 2016

Your Action Plan is a monthly to-do list of tips straight from SUCCESS magazine—10 things you can (and should) do right now to improve yourself and your life. To rejuvinate your body and spirit so you can charge ahead with renewed vigor.

Make May your month to kick back, relax and refresh yourself. Ready?

1. Breathe easy.

Think about a problem you’ve had recently. Inhale deeply three times and then analyze how you can better handle it in the future.

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2. Laugh it up.

Plan a “Laughter Night” for this evening. Text your significant other and pick a funny movie to watch together.

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3. Unplug.

Set aside an hour each day without technology. Use that time to catch up with a longtime friend or read a new book.

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4. Weekend getaway.

This weekend, turn off email notifications and focus on family fun during a backyard campout.

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5. Give thanks.

Before bed tonight, don’t turn on the TV. Brew a cup of chamomile tea and as you sip it, write down three things you’re grateful for. In the morning, take note of how rested you feel.

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6. Hit the outdoors.

Spend two lunch breaks outside this week. Leave your phone at your desk.

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7. Plan success.

Write out your to-do list now and put the most difficult tasks at the top. Tackle those first.

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8. Press pause.

If you have an office door, close it immediately. (If not, go someplace where you will not be disturbed—a park bench, your car, etc.) Spend 15 minutes sitting in silence. Let your mind recharge.

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9. Start something new.

Sign up for a meditation or yoga class this week. Join with a friend, and push yourself out of your comfort zone.

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10. Refocus.

Pick up a pen and paper. Write out your (not work-related) passions. Focus on one and make time to pursue it.

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This article appears in the May 2016 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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