Women: Use These Tips to Identify and Overcome Barriers

UPDATED: March 8, 2021
PUBLISHED: March 8, 2021

There are three tips I want to share with you about identifying challenges and barriers as a woman:

1. Do daily check-ins.

Why are daily check-ins so important? Because if we are able to identify our barriers and challenges on a daily basis, we avoid becoming overwhelmed with everything else going on, and at some point experiencing burnout, anxiety, depression and not being able to manage our world.

2. Have honest self-talk.

We are all experiencing something, whether it be a challenge, a barrier or both. There’s no reason to be embarrassed about what you’re going through or what those challenges are or even having to break through barriers. As women, we have to allow ourselves the space to feel what we feel, be honest about what that feeling is, and be OK with processing, getting through that and having resolve.

3. Get an accountability partner.

Get someone who you can check in with maybe weekly or twice a week and say, “Hey, what challenges or barriers do you see from the outside looking in that I need to work on or that I am experiencing?” Oftentimes being inside our own world doesn’t allow us to have the best vision or the best insight as to what we are experiencing, so get an accountability partner you can trust and check in with them minimum once or twice a week.

Now, let’s talk about tips on how you process and get through these challenges and barriers.

1. Get in contact with what these challenges and barriers are.

  • What are you going through?
  • What are you experiencing that is keeping you from reaching your goals?
  • What new challenges have you come into that are having you feel disharmony, discord or not in alignment with your inner being?

Manifestation happens at the point of alignment. So it’s important to identify and get in contact with what these barriers and challenges are.

2. Write them down.

There’s so much power in writing down what these things are that are keeping you from obtaining whatever it may be. It could be something as easy as you wanting just a peace of mind. Whatever barriers, whatever challenges are keeping you from that, write it down.

3. Get help.

Help doesn’t always mean that you’re seeking out a therapist or a life coach. Sometimes help is just an easy conversation with a friend or family member. Sometimes health is just sitting with someone over a glass of wine or maybe some coffee and tea. And just having a really free flowing, honest, supportive, empowering conversation.

The key to all of this is to make sure that you are identifying that it which is going on with you as far challenges and barriers, right? Have that self-talk with yourself about what’s really going on, be OK with that, surrender to and accept it. And then reach out to the necessary help that you need.

I’m a life coach. I’ve been doing this for 13-plus years. And even I have a coach. I make sure that I reach out and get the help that I need. Because I experience challenges and barriers myself that I know that I cannot overcome on my own. I hope these tips help you not only implement these into your life once or twice but allow you to make it a lifestyle.

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Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a Psychology Expert, renowned Life Coach, the President of NAACP; branch #1069, Founder of Dr. Bryant Institute, Founder of Dr. Bryant Foundation non-profit, author of the award-winning Readers Favorite Five-Star book, “Mental Detox,” Motivational Speaker, fitness model, community activist, host, and brand ambassador.