Why Change Is Good

UPDATED: November 12, 2020
PUBLISHED: November 11, 2020

1. Change closes doors that are no longer serving us and it opens doors to bigger, better blessings.

That in itself is absolutely amazing. Like the Bible says, what they make for bad, God makes for good. That is a great metaphor and a mirror for what change is in our life.

2. Change prunes things, circumstances and people that are not serving our better and highest good…

…and that are not there to help us and propel us to the desires of our hearts and help us reach our goals. So, change comes in to prune and get rid of and cut back those things that are no longer living, giving you life or helping you thrive. And as we all know, when we prune or cut down leaves of a plant, what happens? We get a multiplying of growth. That is how change works in our life. It changes things up. It doesn’t always feel good, but the outcome is better than we could have imagined.

3. Everything good comes from change.

Let me say it again. Everything good comes from change. Growth is inevitable in our world, in our life. Every day we’re evolving, every day we are changing. And our latter days are meant to be better than our former days. That means that as we are evolving and changing, we only have good. We only have better to look forward to through and after our process of change.

Look at change as being something that is good, something that is bringing in better, bringing in blessings, and allow change to empower you not only in your daily life, but make that perspective a lifestyle.

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Dr. Cheyenne Bryant is a Psychology Expert, renowned Life Coach, the President of NAACP; branch #1069, Founder of Dr. Bryant Institute, Founder of Dr. Bryant Foundation non-profit, author of the award-winning Readers Favorite Five-Star book, “Mental Detox,” Motivational Speaker, fitness model, community activist, host, and brand ambassador.