Women of Influence: Untold Stories by 10 Dynamic Women

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I have always loved when journalists start their articles detailing the location where they met a notable person for an interview.

I like to picture the white tablecloth on the outdoor patio of the fine-dining establishment or the bright, modern living room if the interview was done in the luminary’s home. So imagine my disappointment when I wanted to start this piece describing my interview setting and all I had to work with was, “I sat in my New York City apartment closet, next to the dirty laundry, staring at the computer screen, waiting for the Zoom meeting to start.”

Such was life during production of this issue, as we all grappled with the hopefully momentary realities of the pandemic. However, these 10 powerhouse women proved the old adage true: It’s not about where you are, but who you’re with.

Through hours of conversation, the women you’ll read about on the following pages opened up about all aspects of success. Here, they each share a moment in time on their respective journeys; a story you may not have heard before but one that, as you seek your own version of success, will shed light and truth on what success means and what it takes to get there.

Meet the Women of Influence:

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This article originally appeared in the September/October 2020 issue of SUCCESS magazine.

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  1. Marcus on August 30, 2020 at 3:53 pm

    Such powerful stories. I especially love Jen Hatmaker’s. The support she received despite their financial situation to pursue her dreams is inspiring on both parts. Thanks for sharing!

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