Woman of Influence: Seema Bansal

UPDATED: May 22, 2024
PUBLISHED: August 17, 2020
Woman of Influence: Seema Bansal

As told to Kindra Hall

Co-founder of Venus ET Fleur, a multimillion-dollar flower business

During the entire journey there were so many naysayers; friends in my ear saying this was a bad decision or that no one was going to buy flowers that are packaged. Even my parents. They were trying to be supportive, sure, but they were scared. I was using my life savings to start a business. To move to a different country (Vancouver to New York City). To put everything on the line based only on the belief in myself.

The interesting thing was, that’s exactly what I’d watched my father do. He immigrated to Canada, risked everything, and eventually started his own company where he put us to work learning everything there was to know about being an entrepreneur. Through his example I learned, I just have to trust my gut. The best thing I ever did was believe in my own dreams, which I know sounds cliché, but it really is the magic tool to help you get where you want to be. You have to trust your journey; you have to keep going. And I think that’s the best thing I’ve ever done. 

The day I was leaving Vancouver to start a business in New York with my new boyfriend (now husband) I was at the airport with my parents who still weren’t happy about it. But, I remember it so clearly, my dad looked at me and said, “You know what? Good luck. Do it. If you have to come back you can come back. But just go for it.” And I started to cry. My mom started to cry. He kind of started tearing up. It was really emotional. But I felt like it was the proper sendoff. He knew this was what the universe was telling me to do. It felt amazing.

I’ll never forget that day, leaving my parents. Being on my own with all my suitcases, running through the airport so I didn’t miss my flight. Literally chasing a dream that’s now come true.

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This article originally appeared in the September/October 2020 issue of SUCCESS magazine.
Photo by © Danny Giang

Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall is the bestselling author of Stories That Stick and a sought-after keynote speaker. She is the president of Steller Collective, a marketing agency focused on the power of storytelling to overcome communication challenges.