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Kindra Hall

Kindra Hall
Kindra Hall is a sought-after speaker, author and the president of Steller Collective, a marketing agency focused on the power of storytelling to overcome communication challenges.

storytelling in business

The Power of Storytelling in Business

By Kindra Hall | October 14, 2019

The greatest salespeople in the world know how to spin a good yarn, and so should you.


Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Falling

By Kindra Hall | September 16, 2019

A trip to the ice skating rink taught our author an important life lesson: Falling is part of the process. It’s part of any new endeavor, if you think about it.

work for free

Is It Ever a Good Idea to Work for Free?

By Kindra Hall | June 14, 2019

In some cases, side hustlers may be better off working for free. Here are a few scenarios in which it makes sense.

KindraHall solopreneur

How I Make Motherhood and Solopreneurship Work Together

By Kindra Hall | March 13, 2019

Motherhood and entrepreneurship can work hand in hand. These are the lessons I’ve learned so far from being both a mom and a solopreneur.

How to Rewrite Old Stories and Achieve Your Greatness

By Kindra Hall | December 31, 2018

The most important stories are the ones you tell yourself. It’s time to rewrite the script.

How to Tell Your Story

By Kindra Hall | October 22, 2018

Next time the stakes are highest, break down the barriers and bridge the gaps by telling a story.

What the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Win Can Teach You About Storytelling

By Kindra Hall | February 15, 2017

Use these 6 tips to a hit a home run with your brand story.