Why We All Need to Embrace Our Inner Woman

I think we could all benefit from embracing our inner woman.

In fact, I think the whole world would benefit by mixing more yin into the yin-yang equation.

I was raised by a single father, but I had the benefit of a very loving grandmother and the influence of many strong women throughout my life, including family members, friends, partners, colleagues and a spouse. In an odd way, without the normal attachment of a constantly involved mother, I think I developed a greater appreciation for the qualities and strengths of women.

In fact, it is my belief that if men want to become more influential, greater business builders and more effective leaders, they would be well-served to study and master many of the talents and attributes that are often naturally female.

Generally speaking, I believe women tend to be good at building personal relationships, making them effective connectors and community and team builders. Women also tend to be natural social networkers. They take a sincere interest in other people’s lives, and they continually refer and recommend products and services they are excited about, giving them an innate sales advantage. It’s difficult to outsell an impassioned woman who believes strongly about something!

We are in a new era of leadership. Leadership is no longer authoritarian, where fear and control are used to force results. Today’s most influential leaders are those who demonstrate service, compassion and empowerment, helping draw the best out of people. These are traits often inherent in the character and nature of women. Let’s not forget that women can also multitask in a manner that can make a man’s head spin.

While I strive to adopt more of these skills and qualities, I think the most important lesson I have learned from the women in my life is how to get out of my head and trust my gut. They have helped me hone the power of my intuition. To this end, I suggest we all need to embrace our inner woman, or at least cultivate and demonstrate more of the yin energy—compassion, sensitivity, insightfulness and intuitiveness—that is part of us all.

In our May issue of SUCCESS, we have some incredible examples of women who harnessed their power and accomplished great things even against great odds and challenges—like Suze Orman, who faced financial loss before her ultimate success (link to article); Maya Angelou, who grew up in a time of racial inequality and poverty, becoming one of the most inspirational writers today, Maria Shriver and PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi, one the world’s most powerful women (link to article).

For all the women reading this, I encourage you to acknowledge your strengths, embrace your power and leverage your advantages. Be a woman of influence.

-Darren Hardy, publisher SUCCESS

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Darren Hardy is the former publisher of SUCCESS magazine, an entrepreneur and New York Times best-selling author of The Compound Effect and Living Your Best Year Ever: A Proven Formula for Achieving Big Goals.

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