When You Feel Like Giving Up, Watch This

Success is like throwing pebbles into a lake.

When the way you feel perfectly aligns with the actions you take, you walk up to the lake’s edge and search amongst the stones, not for the one that looks right but for the one that feels right. This day, you finally allow your intuition to guide your hand, you find the perfect stone, and you effortlessly throw it into the distance. It flies through the air, and to your amazement, it sits on top of a pile of pebbles just beneath the surface, exposed for the world to see. Today, you’ve finally broken through.

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With this sight in mind, you realize that on days of clarity and congruency, the lake is clear and you can see your progress being made. You see the actions you’ve been taking stacking one on top of another, culminating into what will become a tipping point in the realization of your goal.

You also realize that on days of self-pity, the water is murky and you cut yourself off from seeing what’s right in front of you.

On either day, you choose the lens in which you see the lake.

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