The One Question That Could Change Everything

If you’re feeling stuck and unsure of where you’re heading or how you’re going to achieve your goals, ask yourself a question: Who am I? It might sound simple, yet countless people struggle to answer this one simple question.

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I’ve asked this question multiple times throughout my life: my father’s sudden death from cancer; struggling through years of depression; and constantly questioning whether or not I’d earned the right to be on this planet. And what I know for sure is, I will continue to ask it, time and again… and that’s OK.

You can never outperform your own self-image. My work over the last 10 years in personal development, branding, publicity and marketing for entrepreneurs and small business owners have taught me something incredibly powerful—happiness, productivity, authenticity, goal setting—it all comes back to how you see yourself right now in this very moment, and most importantly where you see yourself heading in the next.

It is this continual self-evolution that allows us to experience greater happiness, success and joy. But when we fail to evolve, we fail to feel the way that we want to feel and we get stuck.

We hold on to an identify of self that no longer aligns with our very goals and ambitions. We choose to unknowingly deny ourselves greater happiness and joy because of everything we have tied up in who we used to be. Afraid that if we strip ourselves of our old identity, there will be nothing left.

The opposite is actually true. But first you must be willing to let go and trust that what comes next will unfold exactly how it needs to. Pain, fear and frustration are all a part of our great journey together. This is why I’ve created this video for you: to help you think about who you are, who you need to become, what is standing in your way, and what changes you can make right now.

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This is one of the hardest videos I have ever filmed. I filmed it as if I was speaking directly to myself and in a way that was unfiltered. I hope you enjoy, share and most of all, evolve as a result of viewing it, if even just a little bit.

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