How to Find Your Purpose

UPDATED: April 11, 2020
PUBLISHED: December 9, 2016

Finding your purpose can be a long journey full of twists and turns, but that’s OK—and even recommended. You can only discover your life’s mission by exposing yourself to new experiences, and that’s what prepares you to step into your purpose.

This kind of experimentation brings people closer to their deepest desires. It’s the gradual process of exploring and shaping oneself for the next chapter of their life that makes the difference. But when the mind gets stuck, focusing heavily on the absence of purpose, embracing the process can be a challenge.


“The problem is, we get so hung up on doing just one thing for the rest of our lives, and in the process of trying to work out what that one thing is, we box ourselves in and create resistance that prevents it from appearing.”


No one was put on earth to do just one thing. That kind of lifestyle would only rob people of the experiences that create the person they are becoming. Without those challenges, no one would have the resilience to live out their true purpose in life.


“You’re already in the process of living your purpose, you’re just yet to reveal the next phase to yourself…. Subconsciously, you already know what your purpose is. You’re just too scared to claim it.”


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