How to Reach Your Goals

When setting goals, the first question that I always ask myself is, Who must I become to achieve this specific outcome? Who must I become to bring this particular goal to life?

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If you’re not making it yet, you’re yet to become that person who can attain that very specific goal. You simply do not have the mental framework that supports the attainment, the manifestation, of that vision. Yet.

I call this the identity gap. There’s a gap between who you and who you need to become to reach your goals. There will always be a gap, because we always have our sights set on something else that we want—a vision that we want to bring to life, and the person who we want to become. The gap between who you are and who you want to become is that beautiful gray area in which we experience our greatest happiness. Why?

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In this beautiful gray area, we have a purpose, we have a mission, we have a reason for living in the process of this self-evolution. The second we stop evolving is the second we lose meaning.

The more goals that we set for ourselves, the more gaps we create. The more gaps that we create, the more chasms we cross, and the better and more significant we feel, and the more likely we are to succeed in the future.

With each chasm crossed, we better ourselves. We become more focused, and eventually attain mastery of our craft until we’ve become the person who’s achieved their goals.

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