Trick My Office

The days of beige computer monitors and printers are gone, but much of the equipment we rely on at work is still, well, hideous. We accept blandness because performance is the top priority, but it doesn’t have to be this way! The following products, while still well-made, will also impress your clients.

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Marshall Stanmore (

A good set of speakers can go a long way toward establishing the right ambiance, whether it’s for the client lounge or a communal workspace. Available in black or cream, the $400 Marshall Stanmore is the perfect solution if you’re looking to add a little rock chic or retro flair to the room. Plug it in or stream audio wirelessly from nearby computers or mobile devices. And if your workspace happens to have a turntable… yes, it has connections for that, too.

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Nespresso Pixie Espresso Machine (

Nespresso takes Keurig’s K-Cup approach and applies it to the world of espresso. Despite its relatively low power consumption, the $229 Pixie is faster than a speeding Vespa, heating water to its optimal brewing temp in less than 30 seconds. But most important, the good-looking Pixie makes a delicious cup of espresso—an easy way to add some class and sophistication to the workspace. Just don’t confuse that wooden Touch Slab with a coaster.

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HandShoe Mouse (

Unlike the typical mouse, which you grip with a finger hanging over a button—a common cause of the dull pain of carpal tunnel—the HandShoe ($119 and up) acts as an ottoman for your wrist, providing perfect support for your entire paw. Because there’s no need to hover over its controls, your arm muscles are also relaxed. It’s available in various hand sizes for lefties and righties.

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Dyson Hot + Cool AM05 (

In most offices, it seems the central air system is always running too hot or too cold. If you keep a fan at your desk, you know the sound can be distracting. If you have a space heater, you realize that awful burnt dust stench is even more off-putting. Quiet, effective and easy to clean, the Dyson Hot + Cool ($399.99) is an efficient and futuristic-looking cure for all temps.

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Apple Thunderbolt Display (

Offering breathtaking HD resolution and LED backlighting, this screen ($999 for the 27-inch model) works with any Thunderbolt-enabled Mac (and some compatible PCs). Your photos, videos, games and, oh yeah, work documents, will look better than ever. There’s a built-in HD camera and microphone for FaceTime chats—handy for impromptu video conferencing—and a plethora of connectivity options. Somehow the display even packs a punchy speaker system in its thin frame.

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Orée Board & Touch Slab (

Who wants a birdhouse? This is what the wood-shop classes of the future will make. The Orée Board comes engraved with artwork or a short phrase of your choosing, while the equally beautiful, equally Bluetooth-enabled (and equally $200 apiece) Touch Slab will replace your mouse and the numeric keypad, making it a perfect visual complement for the keyboard and all your leather-bound books.


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