The Big Question Is: Are You Happy? with Sebastian Terry

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Motivational speaker, author and adventurer Sebastian Terry is on a mission to do 100 things in his lifetime that challenge him and put him outside his comfort zone. This journey started 15 years ago when his friend died at a young age. 

When Terry first started, his goals were more thrill seeking. Now, it’s more about growth and connection, creating traditions and having a positive influence on the world. He has jumped out of a plane naked, delivered a baby, done stand-up comedy, completed an Ironman triathlon and kissed a celebrity. 

“The truth is, you never get rid of fear—it’s always there. We just learn to process it differently,” he says. “And the way to learn to process it differently is to live in it a little bit more, lean into the discomfort. And then over time, consistently getting out of our comfort zones [and] trying new things, we find that we grow and we better equip ourselves to what’s around the corner.”

On today’s episode, Terry talks with In the Details host Karen Allen about how discomfort is the gateway to growth and how adversity gifts us with perspective. Every six months, Terry writes his own eulogy and evaluates where he is in his life. He discusses how to start your own 100 Things project and map your own goals for your life. He’s traveled to more than 50 countries and explains how travel experiences and interactions have changed him.

Learn more about Sebastian Terry at his website and follow him on Instagram @seb100things. His book is called 100 Things: What’s on Your List? 

In the Details is no longer releasing new episodes on the SUCCESS Podcast Network, but you can still listen to the full conversation below.

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