Amplify Your Abundance with Tania Vasallo

UPDATED: May 9, 2024
PUBLISHED: April 18, 2023
Amplify Your Abundance with Tania Vasallo

Born and raised within the patriarchal Franco dictatorship in Spain, Tania Vasallo was used to being told what she could or couldn’t do. She got her first taste of freedom when she moved to the United States for school, and now, 20 years later, Vasallo holds many titles: speaker, mentor, coach, consultant, business owner, philanthropist, investor, mother and wife.

In her former role working as an art director, Vasallo experienced a lot of “feast or famine” income cycles. She began to feel called to a different space that offered more stability and allowed her to pursue her many passions. In the four years after her career shift, she reached the six-figure income mark, and has since worked as a financial freedom coach. She has created multimillion-dollar campaigns for some of the world’s most renowned companies, including Starbucks, AT&T Wireless, KFC, Samsung and Nabisco.

Vasallo teaches the tools, mindset and strategies needed to create an empowered life of freedom and abundance. She founded The Courage To Be Happy, a community that empowers ambitious women entrepreneurs to own their value and charge what they are worth. She also teaches women the freedom that comes with financial education.

Vasallo and In the Details host Karen Allen explore how success comes by surrounding yourself with mentors. They also discuss the limiting beliefs we internalize about money and the people who have it. 

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