Rewiring the Ancestral Parts of Your Brain with Dr. Rebecca Heiss

UPDATED: May 9, 2024
PUBLISHED: May 2, 2023
Rewiring the Ancestral Parts of Your Brain with Dr. Rebecca Heiss

Biologist Rebecca Heiss wasn’t always interested in stress management. It wasn’t until her sister-in-law was diagnosed with terminal cancer that Heiss reevaluated her life and realized that many of her choices were made out of fear. In one month, she quit her job, sold her house and divorced her husband.

Since then, Heiss has leveraged the lessons she learned from that trying time in her life and turned them into Instinct, a book about helping people transform how they interact with stress. She has a Ph.D. in biology and is a keynote speaker and author. Additionally, she is the founder and CEO of Year of Happy, which provides a roadmap to help others pursue what brings them joy. She also started a community for women to transform and thrive, called “The Leap.”

Join Heiss and In the Details host Karen Allen as they weigh the influence of epigenetics. Gain further clarity on how your ancestral brain works, learn fearlessness challenges and discover the difference between post-traumatic stress and post-traumatic growth

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