SUCCESS Live: ‘Nuggets of Wisdom That Could Change Your Life’

Armed with a camera and a microphone, the SUCCESS team had an opportunity to interview dozens of SUCCESS Live attendees at our April 2017 Dallas event and heard some amazing feedback from you, our fans and readers.

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“It”s incredible to come to an event like this and network with like-minded individuals.”

“I”m very excited and can”t wait to get home and review my notes!”

“It”s a codification of such great ideas. [SUCCESS Live] gives such a great perspective and I always gain something I can incorporate in my own business and create results.”

One of the enthusiastic attendees was SUCCESS reader Steve Gallegos, a motivational speaker and personal mastery strategist from Dallas, TX. He and his wife Alithia, a certified wealth coach, frequently attend motivational seminars and personal development conferences, and they said this first SUCCESS conference was life-changing.

“Every one of the speakers gave us nuggets of wisdom that could change your life instantly,” he said.

Another friendly face at SUCCESS Live was attendee Sophia Casey. We featured her recently in the “Your Plan” section of the magazine, which highlights inspiring SUCCESS readers and subscribers who are making their dreams come true with personal development. Casey is a speaker, trainer and life coach from the Washington, D.C. area.

When we asked Casey to share her thoughts before attending the first-ever SUCCESS Live event in Dallas, she said she looked forward to getting inspired by an impressive lineup of speakers, and now a few months later, Casey says she can”t wait to attend our next one. “You. Me. California. Personal development on another level,” Casey tweeted recently.

That”s the amazing energy you”ll find here at #SUCCESSLive. Make plans to attend the next SUCCESS Live in Long Beach, California, on Sept 8-9. Find more information about ticket sales at

Learn life-altering strategies.

Experience networking on another level.

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