17 Small Gift Ideas Your Coworkers Will Appreciate

UPDATED: December 11, 2023
PUBLISHED: December 11, 2023
A man receiving a small gift from his coworkers and smiling because they chose the best gifts for coworkers

As the festive ambiance envelops workplaces, the hunt for the perfect Secret Santa gifts for coworkers begins. Despite the cautious approach many take toward professional relationships, it’s undeniable that each person has a cherished coworker who brightens their day. In fact, positive connections among colleagues is now recognized as a potent strategy for cultivating an engaging and productive work environment. This holiday season provides a golden opportunity to infuse your workplace with the spirit of the holidays through carefully curated gifts for coworkers. From enchanting desk decorations to personalized accessories, explore our top picks featuring the best gift ideas for coworkers, whether you’re work besties or just acquaintances.

Gift ideas for coworkers who prioritize self-care

1. Freida & Joe Lavender Fragrance Bath & Body Collection Gift Basket

$27.99 at Target.com

Freida & Joe Lavender Fragrance Bath & Body Collection Gift Basket gifts for coworkers

After spending a long day at work, what’s more rewarding than a hot bath and some self-care? This gift basket includes shower gel, bubble bath, bath salts, a reusable basket and a white pouf.

2. Brazilian Bum Bum Jet Set

$30 at Sephora

Sephora Brazilian Bum Bum Jet Set gifts for workers

Join the viral sensation embraced by TikTok’s beauty enthusiasts: Brazilian Bum Bum. Gift your coworker the ultimate Christmas treat with Sephora’s set. This delightful bundle includes the coveted Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, Brazilian 4 Play Shower Cream Gel and the irresistible Brazilian Crush Body Mist.

3. Chef Apron

$14.99 from Amazon

Chef apron gifts for coworkers

For the one who loves to bake and always brings delicious treats to share, this apron is a must-have. Equipped with pockets and stain protection that resists splashes, stains and kitchen residue, it’s the perfect companion for culinary excellence.

4. Glow Mist Revitalizing Hand Sanitizer Duo Set

$25 at Sephora

Glow-Mist-Revitalizing Hand-Sanitizer Duo Set best gifts for coworkers

Pamper the germaphobe in the office with the Touchland Hand Sanitizer Set. This set includes two revitalizing hand sanitizer mists infused with a soothing rosewater scent, providing both sanitization and a touch of elegance that restores the appearance of the skin’s youthful glow.

5. Work Bestie Candle 

$18.99 from Amazon

work bestie candle best gifts for coworkers

The work bestie candle is the perfect gift for the coworker who loves to create a zen environment. This seven-ounce delight not only provides a soothing aromatic experience with its lavender scent, it also comes with a meaningful message, making it an ideal present for your work bestie.

Gift ideas for coworkers who are foodies

1. Because Work Stemless Wine Glass

$13.95 from Amazon

Because work stemless wine glass small gift ideas for coworkers

Gift a stemless wine glass—the gift that keeps on giving—to your favorite wine enthusiast. Every precious pour will remind them of your kind offer, making every drink a delightful toast to your lasting friendship.

2. WAKE ME UP Coffee Kit

$31 from Target

wake me up coffee set gifts for coworkers

The WAKE ME UP coffee kit is a dream come true for coffee connoisseurs. Elevate your coworker’s mornings with the rich flavors of Death Wish Coffee, Lavazza and Peace Coffee.

3. Movie Night Popcorn Set

$22 from Amazon

movie night popcorn set gifts for coworkers

Who doesn’t love a good movie night with the quintessential snack of popcorn?! Stock up on flavors for every palate, including White Cheddar, Sweet & Salty Kettle Corn, Chili Lime, Buttery Caramel Corn and Sizzlin’ Spicy Sriracha. 

4. Ceramic Coffee Mug Set

$16.99 from Amazon

Ceramic Coffee Mug Set best gifts for coworkers

Enhance your gifting experience with the Ceramic Coffee Mug Set, which includes a golden stainless spoon, ceramic lid and an elegant box. This thoughtful gift allows you to express your appreciation for a colleague turned friend effortlessly. 

5. Charcuterie Board Set

$24.97 from Amazon

Charcuterie Board Set

This charcuterie board set is perfect for the colleague who hosts the best parties and gatherings! The cheese, crackers and small fruits can be served and displayed perfectly with small inset dishes for things like nuts or grapes. Plus, it expands with a hidden slate plate, under which the serving utensils are stored.

6. Electric Wine Bottle Opener

$15.99 from Amazon

Electric Wine Bottle Opener

Everything your wine collecting colleague needs to enjoy and preserve any bottle of wine is included in Elktry’s one-stop designed electric wine opener set! The foil cutter makes it simple to remove the seal and doubles as the wine opener’s base, the pourer makes sure there are no drips and improves the flavor of your wine, and the vacuum stopper prevents wasted wine, keeping the beverage fresh for a week.

7. Whiskey Stones Gift Set

$18.99 from Amazon

Whiskey Stones Gift Set

The whiskey glass and chilling stones set comes in a wooden gift box, making it an ideal gift for the coworker who enjoys a scotch, bourbon or whiskey after work. 

Gift ideas for coworkers who love a cozy space

1. Wearable Fleece Blanket

$26.99 from Amazon

wearable Fleece Blanket

If you have a coworker who is always cold, a wearable fleece blanket is the perfect gift. This cozy blanket, designed for comfort and convenience, is more than just an accessory—it’s a hug they can wear when the temperature drops.

2. Cell Phone Stand with Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

$19.99 from Amazon

pink wireless bluetooth speaker

Do you have a coworker who refuses to work in silence and has an amazing playlist? This cellphone stand and wireless Bluetooth speaker can turn their workday into a party. 

3. Amethyst Healing Crystal Tree

$14.99 from Amazon

Amethyst Healing Crystal Tree

Transform your coworker’s workspace with the Amethyst Healing Crystal Tree. Ideal for those with a knack for creating inviting and serene environments, this unique desk decor adds a touch of tranquility and sophistication to any work space. 

4. Becomrock Desk Organizer with Pen Holder

$12.99 from Amazon

Becomrock Desk Organizer with Pen Holder

Meet the ultimate gift for your organized coworker! This desk organizer includes seven desktop accessories for a clutter-free workspace. Perfect for those who thrive on order!

The gift idea for coworkers that never fails…

Amazon Gift Card 

Still struggling to choose a gift for your coworker despite browsing numerous ideas? Everyone has their reasons for being an Amazon fan. What better way to contribute to your colleague’s Amazon addiction than with a gift card? This allows them to choose whatever they need or want and relieves the pressure of finding the perfect gift. It’s the perfect solution for a thoughtful and stress-free present!

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