$10 Gift Ideas: Be a Hit With Budget-Friendly Holiday Presents

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Choosing the best corporate gifts and thoughtful holiday presents for employees isn’t always easy. But if you’re a Secret Santa trying to find Christmas gifts for coworkers or need to get a small item for a white elephant gift exchange, you face additional challenges. You want to give a great gift that is also budget friendly. Here, we provide our top $10 gift ideas for friends, family and coworkers. Some cost even less!

Yet, each one is unique, memorable and makes an ideal holiday present. And with shipping made easy, you can even spread holiday cheer with gifts for those who work from home.

So put on the carols and dive into our affordable holiday gift list!  

$10 gift ideas for self-care

1. Prajna Tibetan Singing Bowl Set

$9.99 at Amazon

Handcrafted to provide the perfect sound for calm and healing, this brass singing bowl comes complete with a delightful cushion and wood striker.

Prajna Tibetan Singing Bowl Set Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 2

2. Shower Steamers 

$10 at Etsy

In the midst of holiday hustle and bustle, sometimes we just need a calm, relaxing shower to decompress. Add aromatherapy to the mix, and these steamers make an ideal Christmas gift.

Shower Steamers Ten Dollar Gift Ideas

3. Gratitude Journal

$9.99 at Amazon

My 52-Week Gratitude Journal offers positive affirmations and mindfulness that last throughout the coming year.

Gratitude Journal Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

4. Essential Burt’s Bees Kit

$9.99 at Amazon

Burt’s Bees has a reputation for quality. This essential gift set upholds that level of excellence with all-natural skin care products including lip balm, body lotion and more.

Essential Burts Bees Kit Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

5. Green Sandalwood Beads – Anti-Anxiety Fidget Toy for Adults

$9.99 at Amazon

Give the gift of calm this holiday season with this affordable, yet thoughtful gift. You never knew that engaging your senses could lead to such relief of stress and anxiety.

Green Sandalwood Beads Anti Anxiety Fidget Toy For Adults Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

6. Scalp Massager

$8.99 at Amazon

For the perfect white elephant gift, give the gift no one knew they even wanted…until they try it! These feel so calming and good; they’re almost addictive. 

Scalp Massager Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

7. Stocking Stuffer Cocktail Lip Balm

$5 at Etsy

Gift your associates with a stocking stuffer they’ll use throughout the winter season and beyond. Each lip balm protects the lips with a fun but delicious cocktail-flavored blend.

Stocking Stuffer Cocktail Lip Balm Ten Dollar Gift Ideas

$10 gift ideas for foodies

1. Handmade Ceramic Coffee Spoons

$9.99 at Etsy

Everyone loves adding a touch of class, so why not during your morning coffee routine? These beautiful gifts are also great for stirring tea or serving condiments.

Handmade Ceramic Coffee Spoons Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

2. Chocolate Stirring Spoons

$5.18 at Amazon

While we’re on the topic of stirring your coffee, how about a spoon you can eat? These edible spoons add delicious chocolate to your recipient’s morning beverage.

Chocolate Stirring Spoons Ten Dollar Gift Ideas

3. Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps

$10 at Uncommon Goods

Add flavor year-round with this inventive and surprising yet practical holiday gift. These flavor-infusing wraps work just as well in the oven as the grill.

Flavor Infusing Grilling Wraps Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

4. Just Spices Avocado Topping

$9.99 at Amazon

Try one of the most delicious stocking stuffers around! Your associates will love spicing up their avocado toast, salads, breads and more with this crunchy, 100% natural blend.

Just Spices Avocado Topping Ten Dollar Gift Ideas 1

$10 gift ideas for home or office

1. Frosted Glass Wood Lid Scented Candle

$1.25 each at Dollar Tree, $30 total for 24

These candles provide every one of your recipients a holiday glow and warming scent. At $1.25 per unit for 24, it makes a great, budget-friendly stocking stuffer for the entire office.

Frosted Glass Wood Lid Scented Candle Ten Dollar Gift Ideas

2. Decorative Bonsai Tree Planting Kit

$9.99 at Amazon

We can hardly believe this gift is under $10. This beautiful growing kit is ideal for home or office and comes complete with four flower pots, seed packs and everything else a beginning gardener needs.

Decorative Bonsai Tree Planting Kit Ten Dollar Gift Ideas

3. Bluetooth Noise-Canceling Earbuds

$9.95 at eBay

Gifting earbuds has become an office standard for a reason: Everyone can use them! These offer everything your office recipient could want at a price that will make any Secret Santa smile.

4. Inspiration Journals

$1.25 each at Dollar Tree, $22.50 total for 18

Deliver inspiration this holiday season to everyone on your team with encouragement from the office desk to the nightstand.

5. Plantable Wish Cards

$10 at Uncommon Goods

This budget-friendly holiday gift is great for everyone in the office as they watch their hopes, dreams and aspirations literally grow and bloom.

Plantable Wish Cards Ten Dollar Gift Ideas

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