Oprah & Deepak Challenged Me to 21 Days of Meditation: Week 2

OK, so now I’ve finished week two of the 21-day meditation challenge hosted by Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Clearly I am becoming wiser as I point my consciousness in the direction of my “deepest desires” and leave my often-childish sense of humor behind (hey, I just realized that if Oprah married Deepak, she’d be Oprah Chopra!).

Seriously, I’m mystified as to why the meditations work so well.  Again, today, I started the meditation with a headache and ended it headache-free. I have spent untold hours and amounts of money trying to get rid of my stress headaches and migraines. For 10 years, acupuncture worked, until the day it just didn’t anymore. Imitrex worked for a while until it didn’t, then shots of Imitrex my husband administered (they still work sometimes—but I can never predict when). Can meditation give me long-term relief? I’m definitely going to give it a try.

And then there’s the fact I don’t feel short of breath anymore. I’m calmer.

Still, though I’m as spiritual as the next gal, I’m still not sure what Oprah and Deepak are talking about most days. Day 12’s “centering thought for the day”: “I manifest desire easily and naturally.” I desire above all else to have my 11-year-old stop sassing me. This morning it was 33 degrees outside, and we had a screaming fight about her having to wear her jacket (she said none of the other kids would be wearing one). There was nothing easy or natural about trying to manifest my wish for a sane kid.

Day 13’s thought took it a step further: “My desires manifest at the right place and time.” Well, I did win the fight over the jacket. And I love the beautiful cadences of the mantras. And the “Sharavana Bhava,” two lilting Sanskrit words that translate into 11 far less elegant English ones: “My awareness is aligned with the creative power of the universe.”

To be fair, I do understand the basic message behind the Meditation Challenge. Our deepest desires are all about loving and being loved. When we live lives of gratitude, when our actions spring from the love in our hearts, we naturally are aligned with our spiritual purposes.

It’s nice to spend 20 minutes each morning thinking about what really matters in life.

Sign up yourself at Oprah.com/meditate or download the new Meditation Experience companion app, and join me—and Oprah and Deepak!

sign up yourself at Oprah.com/meditate or download the new Meditation Experience companion app, and join me—and Oprah and Deepak! – See more at: https://www.success.com/blog/oprah-deepak-challenged-me-to-21-days-of-meditation-want-to-join-us#sthash.dM729PvW.dpuf

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Susan Kane is former editor in chief of SUCCESS. She relocated from New York City, where she was editor of publications such as Parenting and New Woman.

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