Moments In Great Groupon Humor

"Groupon" has become an adjective used to describe everything from a business model to a deep discount. But it's most commonly used as a shortcut referring to the company's clever writing style.

If the editorial department at Groupon corporate headquarters in Chicago were a class, it would be called Smartass 101. Writers and editors practice the pioneering, oft-copycatted style of daily deal descriptions. "Pepper copy with brief, surprising moments of absurd humor," reads a Groupon travel writer job description. They call their wacky anecdotes "the Groupon Voice," and its's something they take very seriously. 


For an exotic car rental deal in Dallas, Groupon writes:

"Car-rental companies, like libraries, trust customers to use the borrowed goods for their intended purpose instead of planting them strategically throughout the home to impress potential dates."

For golf club regripping services, Groupon writes:

"Shopping for golf clubs is a lot like buying a used car: always get the one that drives into the fewest trees. Drive straight and true with today’s Groupon: for $39, you get regripping services on one set of golf clubs."

For two tickets to a Big East soccer match, Groupon writes:

"Soccer players spend so much time concentrating on the ball that they grow obsessed with hexagons, which explains why they’re constantly trying to kick bees’ nests."


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