Fighting for Survival And Personal Freedom with Megan Pormer

Fighting for Survival And Personal Freedom with Megan Pormer

This week, Law of Attraction host Natasha Graziano sits down with Megan Pormer, a FOX TV and media host, to talk about the recent Iranian protests. Pormer, who was born and raised in Iran, recalls her painful upbringing under an oppressive government, and how she finally awakened to her purpose and rediscovered her authentic self.

After losing her father and helping her mother and brother to flee the country, Pormer’s sense of self became buried under the trauma she had experienced. After 10 years of being disengaged from her life, Pormer—with assistance—began to discuss her trauma and get rid of old habits. At age 30, she experienced a reawakening. Now, she not only hopes to help others do the same, but seeks to become a voice for women in distress. Pormer discusses the importance of asking for and acting as support, the necessity of emotions and how you can begin to reconnect to your purpose.

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