Releasing Pain and Resentment with Alexandra Rose

UPDATED: January 31, 2024
PUBLISHED: October 6, 2022
Releasing Pain and Resentment with Alexandra Rose

How do we find freedom from the pain of our past? Law of Attraction host Natasha Graziano invites Selling the OC star and realtor, Alexandra Rose, onto the show to discuss how we can turn our circumstances around. Rose recalls her difficult childhood, and Graziano walks listeners through an exercise that releases pain and resentment and ultimately helps us find forgiveness.

Not only has Rose recently had the spotlight of fame shine on her, she has also become a successful realtor who sells homes for millions of dollars. But her life hasn’t always been this comfortable. Rose discusses the negativity especially present around thoughts of her mother, her belief in manifestation and visualization, and how her daily habits serve her and help her create a positive mindset.

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Law of Attraction with Natasha Graziano is no longer releasing new episodes on the SUCCESS Podcast Network, but you can still listen to the full conversation below.

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