4 Tips for Knowing When It’s Time to Shake Up the Status Quo

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How do you decide when it’s time to shake up the status quo? 

Matthew Manos

Developing processes and systems that are replicable should be the goal of any entrepreneur, but getting caught in repetition should not be. The moment I feel as though I’ve stopped learning is when I know it’s time to shake things up.

—Matthew Manos, founder and managing director at verynice



Yuko KaifuNo matter how demanding your job is, you can still keep pushing yourself as long as you feel like it is fun and fulfilling. Whenever myself and my colleagues’ morale starts declining and the energy level becomes consistently low, I decide to do something dynamic.

—Yuko Kaifu, president of JAPAN HOUSE Los Angeles 



Nishant Shah

I strongly believe one needs to keep evolving, even if that means taking a risky decision. If you really believe in something strongly and your instinct says it’s going to work, just do it. It’s okay to fail sometimes because that creates a learning opportunity. Everybody has the potential to push the envelope, so why settle for anything less? In every aspect of your life, whenever you start getting into some sort of a comfort zone, it’s time to challenge yourself to do something new because accepting status quo is where your growth and learning stops.

—Nishant Shah, founder and CEO of BannerBuzz

Deb Waterman JohnsIt’s always time to shake up the status quo! In life and in business, we should always look at how we evolve, challenge ourselves and continue thinking out-of-the-box. When it comes to our brand, we always look at how we stay loyal to our customer base while also continuing to give them something that’s new, exciting and dynamic. And in life, I think you have to continue to challenge yourself by exposing yourself to new ideas, by continuing to meet new people, by putting yourself in slightly uncomfortable situations where you have to be creative, be a free thinker.

Deb Waterman Johns, co-founder and chief creative officer of SCOUT bags

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