Why Some People Have ‘The Golden Touch’ and How You Can Have It, Too

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Why does it seem like the super successful win nearly every time? How do today’s extraordinary achievers—entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos, Sergey Brin, Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk and more—create passion-fueled and insanely profitable ideas capable of completely transforming the world? What mindset, processes and techniques do they implement to constantly stay on top, even one step ahead?

It seems like an elusive force, a golden touch—an almost mystical momentum of success that only a select few were born with or capture by accident. Peter Diamandis has a name for this phenomenon: He calls it Exponential Thinking and it all starts with an abundance mindset.

Diamandis, a best-selling author, engineer, educator, physician and founder of more than 15 companies, has used this concept throughout his successful career and wants to share this philosophy used by the world’s most successful people. So imagine if you could borrow the same strategies, techniques, tools and methods today’s most prominent superachievers use to quite literally change the world, what could you accomplish?

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Here’s the first step:

Adopt an abundance mindset.

Consider this, in just 10 short years we went from flip phones that barely sent a text message, to handheld supercomputers with 24/7 internet access more powerful than the room-sized processing powerhouses of just decades ago. Imagine what NASA could have accomplished in 1963 with your smartphone.

Processes that once cost millions are now available for pennies. You can launch a startup in minutes, create and sell a new product by tomorrow, and grow your market to reach nearly anyone on the globe with a single button push.

The immense technological change from decade to decade is a great example of Exponential Thinking. What engineers thought impossible 10 years ago is now possible. And what human “linear thinking” couldn’t comprehend of decades ago is now taking place every day.

For people like Bezos, Musk and Huffington, it’s not a matter of whether they can accomplish something, it’s a matter of how much, how soon and what else they’ll accomplish. That’s the golden touch so many people describe about these uber-successful entrepreneurs.

“Learn to embrace [everything] with the abundance mindset—the idea that nothing is truly scarce and the concept that technology creates more opportunity—and you’ll consistently find key resources you need to succeed,” Diamandis says.

Today’s industry leaders use the abundance mindset to innovate. They don’t fear the future, fret about what’s unavailable or worry that there aren’t enough resources available for their vision.

In the most basic terms, superachievers think anything is possible and nothing is limited.

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When you understand this mindset of superachievers, you free yourself from being stuck in the same old holding pattern—failing to move forward as our rapidly evolving world moves past you.

To adopt an abundance mindset, stop thinking about your resource limitations, quit worrying about your competition and start creating the change you want to see in the world. That’s the first step to making anything you want possible.


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