Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce on cover of US Magazine which is trendjacking their relationship buzz

Your Brand Can Benefit from Trendjacking a Cultural Phenomenon—Just Look at the Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Relationship Buzz

By Jill McDonnell / November 3, 2023 /

The Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift relationship buzz is all over the news, but can your brand benefit from this cultural moment by trendjacking?

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Artist at his desk working on a drawing wondering where his work would fall in the content vs art debate

Content Is King—Except When It Refers to Creative Works

By Alex Frost / November 1, 2023 /

Creatives are pushing back on the term ‘content’ after actor Emma Thompson called it rude. We take a look into the content vs art debate.

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Theragun Founder Jason Wersland

No Pain, No Gain: Theragun Founder Jason Wersland on the Power of Word-of-Mouth Marketing

By Em Cassel / October 24, 2023 /

Theragun founder, Jason Wersland, shares the secret to Therabody’s success: honest word-of-mouth marketing.

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Photograph of 4 Black business people leaning over a conference table and studying a marketing swot analysis

SWOT Analysis Marketing: A Guide to Unleashing Your Business Potential

By Bryan Lindenberger / September 26, 2023 /

Everything you need to know about swot analysis marketing, including examples, to use this important tool to unleash your business potential.

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