5 Traits of a Lousy Leader

angry woman yelling at two male coworkers

What will move you from lousy leader to a team hero? Learn the consistent flaws that all lousy leaders have in common and how to avoid them.

3 Keys to Developing Daily Disciplines

3 Keys to Developing Daily Disciplines

Your life will be defined by your daily disciplines. The choices you make! The impact you have! The results you achieve! Your destiny is in your disciplines.

How to Get More of Everything You Want

Kim was a wedding planner working seven days a week. She was a wife and mother to three young kids—one with Asperger’s—and she was missing out on their lives. Between client meetings, events, paperwork, errands and household obligations, Kim was constantly on the go. Each of her children had full schedules as well, and she […]

Creating the Perfect Day: A New Look at Time Management

Have you ever tried to have a perfect day and it didn’t work out as you planned it? The good news is that if you can visualize a perfect day, you can make it happen. But you may have to change the way you think. First and foremost, you need to understand that event management, […]

Gain Their Trust, Win Their Sale

In a recent Gallup poll on professions that people trust, sales ranked in the lower 10 percent. Clearly, the profession of selling doesn’t get high marks, but therein lies the opportunity for sales professionals who understand the importance of trust. Most sales interactions begin with high tension and low levels of trust. Moving your prospects […]