Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson
Tory Johnson is CEO and founder of Spark & Hustle, a weekly contributor on ABC's Good Morning America and a contributing editor of SUCCESS magazine.

How to Overcome Your Can’t-Do Attitude

By Tory Johnson | February 25, 2019

It starts with focusing on your strengths instead of what you lack.

Organize Your To-Do List into These 4 Categories

By Tory Johnson | July 5, 2017

Don’t let busyness derail your business—prioritize your tasks and weed out distractions.

Not a Morning Person? Here’s How to Become One

By Tory Johnson | April 4, 2016

Minimizing the morning madness makes for a better day.

Do You Work From Home? Here Are 4 Ways to Create Camaraderie

By Tory Johnson | February 15, 2016

Even when you’re working by yourself, you can create camaraderie. Here’s how.

OK, You Reached Your Goal—Now What?

By Tory Johnson | January 9, 2016

Always know your next move, or lose your momentum and risk your happiness (and your business).

7 Tips for Starting Your Own Podcast

By Tory Johnson | December 29, 2015

Want to launch a hit podcast? We’ve got the steps.

3 Tips to Make Your Lunch Break Revitalizing

By Tory Johnson | September 30, 2015

Q: Business owners I know spend lunch either taking clients to eat or hitting the gym for a workout. I can’t afford pricey meals and don’t want to work up a sweat at noon. Any suggestions beyond sitting at my desk? A: While building my business, I thought I had to be chained to my desk during lunch.…

Ready to Rock Your Confidence? Wear Red Underwear

By Tory Johnson | September 15, 2015

A publicist calls to thank me for featuring her client on “Deals & Steals.” She says they’ve already gotten more than 5,000 orders and it’s only noon—they expect to sell far more by the time buying ends at midnight. We begin talking about other things and she says she’s spending the afternoon prepping to pitch…

How to Ask for the Things You Need to Succeed

By Tory Johnson | September 10, 2015

Q: I tend to beat around the bush rather than asking directly for what I need to grow my business. What should I be saying? A: Many people struggle to generate sales because they can’t… quite… seem… to get to the point. They might be direct in other aspects of their lives, but when it comes…

Need a Fresh Start? Try These 5 Steps to ‘Shift for Good’

By Tory Johnson | September 1, 2015

Want to make lasting improvements in your life? Here’s a pared-down guide based on the steps in Tory Johnson’s new book, Shift for Good: Simple Changes for Lasting Joy Inside and Out: Related: How To: Change Yourself in Positive Ways Step 1: How fed up are you, really? In other words, are you finally sick of…