What Do You Want From Me?

I don’t mean this question in the same way I mean it when I shriek it to one of my kids. What I mean is: What kinds of articles do you want to see in SUCCESS? A special issue entirely devoted to the Kardashian family (ha—only kidding!)? A special issue devoted to something else? More stories on the trials and triumphs of the everyday entrepreneur (as opposed to the clearly successful, $100 million a year entrepreneur)? More on personal development? More on how to get ahead, or lead better, in a corporate environment?

Just as importantly, what do you want to see less of? Do you feel we’re doing too many profiles of celebs to whom you can’t relate? What does make you relate to someone we profile?

What do you come to SUCCESS for that you can’t find anywhere else? What should we therefore keep on doing at all costs (metaphorical and real)?

I’ve started to blog because I’ve been at the wheel of SUCCESS now since August 15, 2011 and after a steep and exciting learning curve I’m feeling in the groove. Oh, I’m still on that upward curve, believe me, and I can’t stop to rest for long. Nor do I want to, because I love this job, and because I believe a life of constant motion—physical and mental—is what keeps us young and fresh. My mother-in-law is 90; she’s been married for many decades to a younger man (my father-in-law is 86). They volunteer for the church, and have Sunday brunch with a big bunch of pals after services every week. They play bridge with other couples. On New Year’s Eve, they move from one friend’s house to another: drinks at one place, cold hors d’oeuvres at the next, hot appetizers at the next and so on. They have never been rich, but they have a rich life, and I want to be just like them when I grow up.

I loved hearing from a number of you after my first blog post on becoming a Texan! I hope you’re all well as you read this, and can’t wait to hear what you do—and don’t—want from the magazine.
Warm wishes,


Susan Kane is former editor in chief of SUCCESS. She relocated from New York City, where she was editor of publications such as Parenting and New Woman.

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