Top of Mind: What’s Your Favorite Not-Guilty Pleasure?

Eat well! I don’t think there’s any amount of exercise or meditation that can be better for you than having a healthy diet. That is where it all starts. I feel my best when I eat well and perform my best when my diet is clean.

—Danielle Walker, founder of and author of Meals Made Simple

Easy: Writing daily. Every morning I write 750 words—not structured writing, just free-form—and it helps clear my mind and get my ideas flowing. I initially started because I eventually want to write a book. Now I use my daily writing as a way to think out loud and troubleshoot problems, thoughts and anxieties. Developing a daily writing practice is about deepening a conversation with oneself.

—Mattan Griffel, co-founder and CEO, One Month

As a spa junkie (and owner), I really value every second of a full body massage, whether it’s a hot stone or a classic Swedish. I truly feel massage therapy should be covered by every health insurance provider. Regular massages can help to detoxify, de-stress, and restore the mind, body and spirit.

—Gretta Monahan, style guru to The Rachael Ray Show and author

My favorite thing to do is hiking through the woods with my son. The feeling of connection and the silence in the woods, along with the absence of the noise of the day-to-day, is so refreshing and energizing.

—Mike Agugliaro, co-owner of Gold Medal Service and founder of ServiceKey

I am a car enthusiast and enjoy going to track events with close friends. Driving my car on the track is exhilarating as well as mind-clearing and forces me to concentrate on one single task. I also like to set up lunch dates with my daughters, which allows me to focus on building a bond with them.

—Kamran Farid, co-founder, Edible Arrangements

It’s so important to take some “me” time, whether it’s at the gym or just enjoying some quiet time at the spa. Staying active and making a conscious effort to relax and recharge every now and then keeps me on top of my game!

—Katherine Cohen, Ph.D., CEO and founder of IvyWise

My favorite activity is to walk. I always take a pair of walking shoes on my overnight business trips. Spending 30 minutes early in the morning walking on the treadmill or going right out the front door of the hotel and onto the sidewalk makes a huge difference in my energy level and the clarity of my mind for the upcoming day.

—Robert Luckadoo, author of Grit in Your Craw

One thing I love is chatting up people at coffee shops and listening to their stories. I’ve found that doing this really enriches my life. Everyone has a story, and they’re all worth listening to.

—J.R. Garrett, general counsel/vice president, LogoGarden

Eating healthy as an adult is an absolute imperative, so I love snacking smart throughout the day. Keeping fruits and veggies on hand is a must. You only get one body in life, so you might as well treat it the right way!

—Jayna Cooke, CEO, EVENTup

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