Top of Mind: This Is How to Reinvent Yourself

Reinventing yourself can sometimes be a conscious move, or it can be something you just stumble upon. The best advice I can give is take advantage of that opportunity. The biggest difference between people who “do” and those who “don’t” is a matter of simply going for it.

Chris Vaughn, CEO and founder of Saucey

When people want to reinvent themselves or move forward, they need first and foremost to be brave and know that they can do it. If they work hard, network, hustle and continue believing in their vision, it’s absolutely possible to make pivots and bring ideas to life. When people tell me they “don’t know how I do it” (which happens all the time), I tell them that anyone who wants to can do it. Just commit and dive in.

Catherine Merritt, CEO and co-founder of MUMZY

I think it’s important to recognize that reinvention, whether personal or professional, can be scary. Often people think it happens overnight. Let me tell you, it happens over many sleepless nights. Most people have some level of fear of the unknown and stepping outside their comfort zones. I believe being honest with yourself about strengths, weaknesses and what you’re truly passionate about are keys to making big life changes.

Kerry O’Brien, founder and designer of Commando

It’s very much about with whom you choose to surround yourself. It’s no mistake that I spend time with people who love to learn, share and build. They don’t settle for anything less than great. They’re organized, open-minded and have high standards for everything they do. So seek out peers who solve problems, remain positive through challenges and take risks.

Heather McGough, co-founder of Lean Startup Co.

Follow your bliss! Think about what’s not working in your current job and think about all the things that would be ideal for you. Make a list and live with it. Soon you’ll start to figure out how to make money off of the things that genuinely excite you.

Chris Young, author

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