The Battle of Beliefs with Message Strategist and Keynote Speaker Tamsen Webster

UPDATED: May 9, 2024
PUBLISHED: December 14, 2022
The Battle of Beliefs with Message Strategist and Keynote Speaker Tamsen Webster

Our beliefs can be strongly held, which can make it difficult to see other ways of looking at situations. Tamsen Webster, keynote speaker and message strategist, needed to have a battle of beliefs to move past a debilitating panic disorder. At the worst, she was finding it difficult to drive and leave the house. But she realized that when two truths fight, only one wins. 

In this week’s episode, Webster talks about how we determine the kind of story we live, deciding on our own genres and roles. She discusses how challenging someone’s beliefs is the worst way to achieve long-term change. Rather people need to have validation to discover what is driving their resistance. Instead of conflicting beliefs, Webster encourages finding connecting beliefs. Start looking for another equally strongly held belief to see possibilities. 

She also discusses with On Your Terms host Erin King how, in toxic families, the most emotionally healthy person creates the most friction, while family cultures can be characterized as guessers versus askers. As well as seeing stories as being in motion as we keep telling and building on them, and how the story isn’t over until you decide it is. 

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