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What to Do When You’re Ready for a Career Change

By Tory Johnson / August 5, 2015 /

Looking to shift gears at work? These answers to questions from SUCCESS readers can help you make smart professional moves. Q: I want to move up from the clerical staff at the small family-owned business where I currently work. I’m not a good fit there, so I plan to change jobs, but I don’t want to…

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5 Tips for Introverts to Survive in an Office of Extroverts

By Jennifer Purdie / July 15, 2015 /

Living as an introvert in an extroverted world is difficult, in every aspect of life—but also in the corporate environment where more outgoing co-workers often overtake meetings and projects.  With creative thinking and preparation, though, even the quietest of employees can survive and succeed within any organization. How? 1. By hosting team meetings Groups of…

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Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn

By Teneshia Jackson Warner / October 19, 2013 /

Out this month, Sometimes You Win, Sometimes You Learn: Life’s Greatest Lessons Are Gained from Our Losses by John C. Maxwell helps readers “learn how to learn”—from losses, failures, mistakes, challenges and bad experiences. “I want you to become a continual winner by being a habitual learner,” Maxwell says. He quotes political theorist Benjamin Barber:…

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